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Loxit to introduce Tabinet™ 10 at Bett 2018

Offering slimline, wall mounted, secure storage for tablets and iPads, with built-in charging for up to 10 devices, Tabinet™ 10 offers an unobtrusive sync, charge and storage solution perfect for corridors, smaller offices, huddle areas and anywhere else where space is at a premium.

The Tabinet™ is 890mm high, 450mm wide and just 220mm deep (excluding the lock). The smart design accommodates 10 tablets complete with fully managed charging, so every product – regardless of manufacturer or model ­– receives the perfect charging profile. There’s also plenty of in-built ventilation, allowing air to circulate around the devices, ensuring that there is no heat build-up within the cabinet itself.

The secure solution features a high-quality, 10-digit combination lock access for keyless access and offers universal USB charging, charge only using adapters and Sync and Charge for high speed, simultaneous data transfer and charging.

The Tabinet™ is available in a number of colour combinations and the door panel can be configured to display your school colours and logo if required.

Tabinet™ 10 will be on show at stand C252 along with a range of products for the education sector, including integrated furniture solutions and the latest screen and AV mounts.

IT Security

IT Security Product Range

Mini Tower & PC security

Physical hardware and data security.  Enclosures with data and power access options.  From off the shelf standard solutions to bespoke enclosures for PC and towers.

Server security

We can ensure the equipment within your 12U 19” racks is safe and secure without compromising access.

Racks and cabinets often house multiple devices, feeding a suite of users from a centralised, secure IT cabinet, rack mounting all your devices enables you to make best use of the available space and keep things neat and tidy.

Apple products

Understated and elegant, our solutions compliment the design of the technologies they protect.

Our range of Apple security and mount solutions have minimal impact on the visual look of your equipment. Our range covers iPad, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and Apple TV. We also produce a range of mounts and holders for iPads and have developed a range of desktop storage solutions for iPads.

Flat screen security

The elegance of flat screen monitors often results in compromised security, but it doesn’t have to be the case.

Our solutions work with the design of the screen to almost disappear, blending seamlessly into the background, giving you the peace of mind that your screen is secure without any compromise to the look and feel of your space – ideal for retail and other open access/public spaces.

Cables, limpets and other solutions

Certain devices are just not designed for open accessor public environments. The elegant designs often leave little or no room for security of any sort.

This is where cables and limpets come into there own, bringing the much needed security to those devices - ideal for retail, exhibition and conference environments.

Screen & AV Mounts

Our Screen & AV Mounts Product Range

Screen Mounts

Commercial electric and fixed screen mounts for heavy touch screens, large format displays and video walls. Our comprehensive range of screen mounting options – wall to floor, free standing and mobile trolley mounts cover all eventualities.

Perfect for the classroom, boardroom, public spaces and more. Our mounts are suitable for screens from 42″ to 98″ and up to 170kg.

Whiteboard Mounts

Electric whiteboard stands and mounts with patented technology that holds boards up to 105″ and projectors with up to 1500mm throw.

Electric height adjustment for easy access, we offer wall, floor and mobile trolley mounted solutions.

Projector Mounts

Our range of products for projectors covers all your needs, including accessory and security requirements.

Projector cases, mounts, adjustable wall mounts and cable kits are all available from our range.

Tablet, Laptop & Mobile

Our Tablet & Laptop Product Range

Laptop charging and security

Mobile, laptop charging and security solutions for shared resource environments.

Secure cabinets with built-in charging for every laptop (regardless of manufacturer or model) within large corporations and organisations.

We have been recognised as the industry leader for quality and security for over a decade.

iPad and tablet storage, charging and security

Efficient, portable and secure storage solutions, perfect for every environment.

Charging via USB or using plug sockets – so every product (regardless of manufacturer or model) receives the perfect charging profile.

Secure – a wide range of options from low security wooden cabinets to high security welded steel.

Stand alone solutions

All the great functions of our products in small, adaptable units that you can integrate into your existing security and charging systems.

The range covers everything from simple multi point charging units to remote Sync & Charge management across an entire campus. There’s something for everyone, depending on what you need, the space that you’ve got and the level of technology you require…

iPad and tablet accessories

Understated yet elegant, our solutions compliment the technologies they secure and protect.

Tablets have become an integral part of daily life, but using them in a comfortable position can be challenging. Users can easily become hunched over the unit creating posture and neck problems. Our products provide the perfect angle for viewing to prevent over extension and bad posture when using the device.