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We want your pictures!

We know our kit goes into some incredible installations – from schools and colleges to corporates and public sector spaces – and we’d love to help you share the fantastic work you’re doing.

Simply send a photo of Loxit kit you’ve used in an installation to and we’ll give you a shout out on social media, putting your project in front of our extensive following across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Don’t forget to include a note about the project – where it is and the Loxit kit being used.

Easy Access Feature | InAVate Magazine

Look out for the latest issue of Inavate Magazine in which Loxit’s very own director, John Whittle, offers his thoughts on the latest trends in the mounts and brackets industry.

See the full feature here from P16 onwards

To discuss your brackets and mounts requirements, please email the sales team on sales [at] loxit . com

Loxit thinks big with the Screenlift 750 range

As screen sizes get ever bigger, so the mounts that support them have to adapt and develop. Which is why Loxit has extended its range of large-format professional screen mount solutions to safely carry the weight of screens up to 130kg/95”.

The HI-LO® Screenlift 750TM range is designed specifically as a large format, professional screen mount solution, safely carrying the weight of large and heavy screens while  effortlessly moving them through 750mm of travel. The range features engineered wall, floor and mobile mounts – mobile and fixed height – making them suitable for multiple scenarios.

The Screenlift 750TM wall mount sits incredibly close to the wall, off-set by just 60mm to allow for trunking and other features. Smart design, allows the legs of the mount to be extended to the floor, spreading the weight across the wall and floor, ideal for non load-bearing walls. Not only that but the mount comes with its own self-jigging ‘Easy Install Kit’, ensuring a rock solid, perfect installation in the fastest possible time.

Also featuring the Easy Install Kit is the floor to wall mount, which despite sitting just 20mm proud of the wall still hides all of the cabling and trunking within its frame. This stylish, twin column design has near silent movement (750mm of electronic vertical travel), plus the integrated tilting brackets allow up to 10 degrees of tilt for the perfect viewing angle. Holes are bolted to prevent screen tilt slippage over time.

The Electric Hi-Lo® Screenlift 750TM mobile screen lift features electrically driven height adjustment for large format and interactive displays. As these units are designed to move, the wheels are individually locking, easy glide, high quality twin-castor configurations to ensure trolley manoeuvres are smooth and easy. It is capable of carrying screens up to 100”/86kg while offering easy access for all.

Also new from Loxit is Pop-it, an easy to mount video wall system designed for screens from 42” to 65”. Pop-it makes it easy to install, maintain and use video walls of any size or configuration thanks to simply having to ‘pop’ in the screen and pop it out when access is required.

For more info on any of Loxit’s mounting solutions, contact our sales team on +44 (0)845 519 5191 or email us here.

You think BIG!
So do we!

Screens are getting BIGGER and so is our ScreenLift750 range of mounts.

The screen size is just the beginning, we combine integrated technology and the on-board accessories to deliver a multimedia installation that’s perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Our HI-LO® Screenlift 750 range is designed specifically as a large format, professional screen mount solution. Safely carrying the weight of large and heavy screens (130kg/86”) effortlessly moving them through 750mm of travel.

The HI-LO® Screenlift 750 range includes engineered wall, floor and mobile mounts.

BIG thinking.
BIG impact.
BIG choice and the BEST support.