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The importance of sync and charge kits

Why invest in management, sync and charge devices?

No matter the devices you’re using or the environment in which you’re working, a management, sync and charge solution will ensure you can always be confident that your devices are stored securely and ready to use when you need them.

What are sync and charge solutions?

Available for laptop, tablet and mobiles, management, sync and charge solutions enable multiple devices to be securely stored, while charging and syncing devices to ensure they are ready to use whenever needed. There are various solutions available, from simple multi-point charging units to remote management across an entire campus.

The benefits of sync and charge

Depending on your environment, the number of devices in use and the needs of your users, sync and charge units have multiple benefits.

Take the example of a classroom, where students will be using devices regularly and if one isn’t charged or is running a different version of software, the class will be disrupted for all students. Here iPad and tablet storage systems, including the iBank family of products, can prove invaluable.

Portable or mounted units can cater for up to 60 tablets – more than enough for a classroom. Available as trolleys or cabinets, these units provide a secure place for students to leave tablets once a lesson has ended. By simply placing the device in a Lapbank trolley from Loxit, for example, each device will be charged until the intelligent charging management senses they are at full battery and turns the charge off, saving money, helping the environment and increasing the length of battery life. There is no need to connect to a PC or learn programming skills to ensure efficient charging, the intelligent charge takes care of it all for you. In addition, a USB port provides connectivity to a host computer with an iTunes account for iPad syncing.

If space is tight, such as in a small office, a standalone solution may be more effective. Again these tools are available as charge only or sync and charge, depending on your needs, and they can be integrated into your existing security and charging systems. For example, the stylish Tab Rack allows you to store and charge any USB chargeable tablet or phone, including two universal plug sockets for laptops/peripherals, all from one mains cable.

For larger organisations, laptop charging trolleys offer high security charging for laptops of all makes and sizes. Take the Lapbank TL, for example, which can house up to 20 laptops in foam-cushioned compartments. As well as providing durable, lightweight and manoeuvrable laptop storage, Lapbank TL also offers safe charging that uses the original laptop chargers. This means there are no on-going maintenance costs or warranty issues associated with swapping laptops using managed charging systems.

Sync and charge in healthcare

Another area that can benefit from the reliability, flexibility and small form factor of sync and charge devices is the healthcare sector. Here a solution such as the slimline Tabinet 10 can be an effective choice. Designed to be wall mounted, thus freeing up valuable desk space, its compact design and shallow depth makes it suitable for busy areas such as hospitals where space is at a premium. The smart design accommodates 10 tablets complete with fully managed charging, so every product – regardless of manufacturer or model – receives the perfect charging profile. There’s also plenty of in-built ventilation, allowing air to circulate around the devices, ensuring that there is no heat build-up within the cabinet itself. Charge and data transfer options include universal USB charging, charge only using adapters and sync and charge – high speed, simultaneous data transfer and charging.

Loxit has been at the forefront of management, sync and charge technology for many years and we have solutions to meet every need. To find out more about the products on offer, contact here or download our Tablet, Laptop and Mobile brochure now.



Loxit creates space saving tablet solution for Carnival UK

When it comes to tablets, the versatility of them can sometimes work against you. Storing, charging and managing large groups of these devices can be tricky, there are a lot of cables and chargers to organize. We know that many customers also need the ability to relocate the storage from room to room with the security and safety of a fixed point solution.

Loxit’s range of iBank products are packed full of features that are specially designed for the management of multiple tablets and iPads. The unique Loxit design combines weight saving technology with years of engineering expertise to create:-

– a steel construction that is durable, lightweight and secure.

– easy access to the tablets, increasing usability and making the solution suitable for all.

– flexible storage with each compartment measuring up to 270mm wide x 300mm high x 30mm thick.
– a slimline design with small footprint for maximum efficiency.

As a UK manufacturer we are perfectly placed to create and deliver bespoke solutions.

A recent project with Carnival UK saw a need for small, compact charging and storing of a particular combination of devices. Our in-house design team worked with client to adapt our standard iBank unit to accommodate exactly what they needed.

Dave Desmond, musical director, Carnival UK explains: “The Loxit units have proved ideal for the roll out of iPads used in a bespoke digital sheet music reading system for Carnival UK, across the P&O Cruises and Cunard fleet. Working with the requirements of Session Corner, who designed and implemented the roll out, Loxit designed a mobile trolley to specifically house our combination of 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch iPads. They combined this with a 10 unit charger that supplies full and accurate charge to each device. The iBank units have a welcome degree of adaptability, are well constructed and not over packaged. Both Carnival UK and Session Corner have experienced excellent and prompt communication with Loxit from initial contact to delivery.”

The Loxit experience

For over 2 decades we have collaborated with our customers and technology partners to perfect solutions for everything from iPads and laptops to touch screens and AV furniture.

Today Loxit is recognised around the world as a leading light in the delivery of innovative solutions for the storage, security, charging and data transfer for mobile devices.

A reputation based on…quality products, made to our exacting standards, and high levels of service…having designed, developed and manufactured every product we sell, we know our equipment inside-out, back to front and strive to achieve exceptional levels of service and aftercare for all customers.

Download our iPads and Tablets brochure, complete with Youtube video links.