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The Hive of activity – professional video conferencing and group working

Hive Huddle and Collaboration desks

Hive desks provide simple, convenient work and meeting spaces with a host of options to suit your style.

Integrated power and charging of devices

Scale, accommodating from 3 to 10 people

Integrated screen with AV connections

Which Hive Desk is right for you?

Hive™ Collaboration

Group working and presentation spaces

Screen mount with AV connectivity

Laptop and mobile device charging options

Hive™ Huddle

Modern workspaces

Individual or group working

Laptop and mobile device charging options

Reinvent your working space

Transform the working environment with space-saving equipment designed with audio and video in mind to get the most from your team and create an environment that encourages collaboration.

Whether you’re a business or an educator, AV furniture helps you make the most out of your environment, giving you the tools to keep your audience engaged and inspired.