About us

Founded in 1996, Loxit Limited are UK based designers and manufacturers of AV mounting and IT security and management products.

Operating globally, Loxit have supplied quality products into all areas of public and private sectors throughout 38 countries.

We have an enviable reputation for high quality, safety and security. All products are designed with the end user and the installer in mind and special focus is made to the quality and longevity of our products.

Our ethos is to deliver beyond our customer’s expectations with products which are high quality, easy to use and high value for money.

Customer satisfaction is viewed as critical to Loxit’s success and a heavy emphasis is placed on ensuring all customers receive the best service possible and are dealt with by motivated, experienced and friendly staff.

Loxit specialise in six main product groups:

Mounts for Touch Screens and Large Format Displays

Loxit are proud to be one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of large format display mounts.  Specialising in electrically operated height adjustable mounts for touch screens, our solutions have been installed into tens of thousands of establishments across the world.

Since the inception of large format displays and touch screens, Loxit have been at the forefront developing mount solutions to cater for the ever increasing size and weight of screens.  We have fully developed ranges of fixed height and electrically operated solutions which cater for all environments and offer our customers unrivalled accessibility, reliability and quality.

Our Hi-Lo range of electrically height adjustable screen mounts are engineered to handle the significant forces associated with large format and very heavy touch screens.  We ensure safety of the users whilst effortlessly raising and lowering the screens at the touch of a button.  The whole suite of products is fully accessorised with a solution for every situation.

From straight forward fixed wall installations to mobile electrically operated stands which rotate the screen 180 degrees, you can rely on Loxit to solve your screen mounting needs.

Integrated Whiteboard and Projector Mounts

Loxit manufacture unrivalled whiteboard and projector mounts which are very stable, high quality and reliable.

We understand the need for whiteboard and projector mount solutions which allow the technology to be used to it’s potential rather than the user worrying about board wobble and projector shake, or how to keystone the image.

We deliver fully integrated whiteboard and projector mounting solutions which achieve our customer’s expectations.

Loxit’s electric height adjustable lifts are noted for their innovative designs producing durable and reliable solutions which are future proofed when upgrading whiteboards and projectors in the future.

They are designed to allow users of all heights easy and safe access to screens and interactive whiteboard installations, with specially designed wheelchair access for SEN.

The Hi-Lo wall lifts, floor lifts and trolley lifts for both interactive whiteboards and plasma screens are all wheelchair accessible to facilitate a truly inclusive learning experience and enhance any classroom.

iPad and Tablets

Hand held devices now represent one of our largest ranges of products.

Since the advent of the iPad and subsequent android devices, we have continuously developed solutions suit our client’s requirements.

Mobile devices are ubiquitous and their uses seem only limited to the imagination of the user.

Loxit assist our customers in the management, security and data transfer of large numbers of iPads, tablets and mobile devices.

Our solutions range from cabinets to trolleys, desktop storage, standalone and sync and charge products.


Loxit’s Lapbank range of laptop security and charging products are trusted by IT professionals worldwide.

Since 2000 the Lapbank range, which includes laptop trolleys and laptop security cabinets, has been synonymous with strength, durability and reliability.

Highly refined designs provide excellent flexibility, laptop security, electrical safety and future proofed products. iPads may be charged next to laptops, netbooks notebooks and PDA’s without conflict or maintenance charges.

Loxit’s laptop trolleys and laptop security cabinets include charging and networking options and are constructed from all welded steel for high strength, rigidity and security.

The highest quality components are incorporated into the laptop trolleys and laptop cabinets along with additional in built safety features to produce a very durable, safe and secure laptop management system.

Laptop locks and laptop clamps complete the range of physical laptop security.


A full suite of projector mount solutions comprising projector wall mounts and projector ceiling mounts are available for all types of projectors.

Loxit’s projector security devices complete the range with projector security cases, projector clamps and projector security cable kits.

High quality construction and universal designs make Loxit’s projector mounts and projector security products a popular choice amongst professionals.


Loxit’s computer security solutions for Apple Products such as iMac’s, MacBooks and Mac Mini as well as desktop pc’s, towers and servers, facilitate open or closed access security depending upon requirements.

Custom designed products are also available designed to provide the customer with complete control over the access of hardware and information.