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Media Lectern and Mobile Screen Mount at the University of Bolton


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Security, agility and a ‘can-do’ attitude transforms Tesco Property Maintenance training.

As one of the largest retailers in the UK, Tesco’s property maintenance is a business critical activity. Ensuring these assets are in good condition at all times, requires a continuous programme of enhancement to ensure that all sites deliver the very best experience for the customers.

With around £18B of property, the bulk of which are stores, two-thirds of which are in the UK, this is a major part of the business and it is managed by a dedicated internal organisation, called Tesco Property.
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56 Large Format Screens Installation Against a Deadline – Charlton Secondary School, Telford


The opportunity for a school to move into a brand new building doesn’t happen very often, the project was time critical and marked the start of a bright new future for everyone – 1,200 students and 150 staff. The Headteacher, Lee Tristham and the project team had one aim, aim high, accept nothing but the best.

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Mobile devices and management – Brandwood School, Bolton

Brandwood Community School

The iPad has changed learning beyond all recognition. Gone are the days of specific rooms within schools and other education establishments that are filled with PC’s and I.T equipment. These facilities were inaccessible to most of the pupils most of the time, which was far from ideal. Tablets have redefined the whole education experience, allowing you to work almost anywhere with instant access to the internet. The iPad brought a user interface that children could intuitively use, this in turn gave them access to the latest educational apps and text books.

But how can a school make these devices available in every classroom?

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