Our AV Furniture Product Range

Mobile solutionsVideo Conference

Mobile solutions

Hi-Lo 500® SmartConnect™
Video Conference Suite

With clean, minimalist, contemporary design aesthetics
the Hi-Lo® SmartConnect™ brings Video conferencing to
any environment.

Whether that’s in the boardroom, within an office or
integrating into an existing classroom,
the Hi-Lo®
SmartConnect™ gives you the confidence to deliver.

Its high specification comes with built in AV connectivity and optional
power management for device charging, creating a complete suite for video conferencing.

Presentation is about positioning and the near silent electronic height
adjustment ensures all equipment is set at the perfectly for presenting.

Desk solutions

Hive™ Huddle Desks

Collaborative desks that connect teams.

A range of technically co-ordinated desks that create
productive work and meeting spaces.

Each desk comes with a host of integrated tech –
device management, AV control, connectivity and power.

The desks are designed and configured around
the needs of group activities, working across corporate
and education environments, perfect for small groups
of 3 to 10 people.

Hi-Lo® Workspace™
Electric height adjustable desks

If you operate a ‘hot-desk’ or free flow system,
a Hi-Lo® Workspace™ desk ensures that
anyone sitting at that workstation can achieve
comfort and the best possible position,
improving productivity and reducing fatigue.

The desks extend into the standing workstation
position in near silence. There are remote
control options, complete with personalised
presets available via our app.

Everything you need is to hand – power, charging
and device management is built into the desk.
All of our Workspace desks comply with BSEN 527-8.

Lectern solutions

Command™ desk lectern

A working space with integrated AV control
and secure media storage.

As the name suggests, this desk puts you in
full control of your space, assets, resources and media.
The Command is particularly popular within education,
where it has been used extensively across campus’,
setting new standards and providing lecturers with the
reassurance of a globally proven solution.

Control™ Media Lectern

Control™ Lectern

A highly flexible multi-media cabinet.

This unit has been designed to fit in tight spaces. It is the
perfect solution for classrooms, small tutorial spaces
and offices, bringing high level AV and tech integration
into places which, until now, simply couldn’t facilitate
these meetings, lectures or presentations.

This lectern that puts you in full control of the assets,
resources and media. Thanks to the in-built 12U storage
racks with control panel integration and connection.

Hi-Lo® Spotlight™ Podium Lectern

When you’re centre stage, the Hi-Lo® Spotlight™ allows you
to deliver with confidence. Every time.

Everything you need is to hand within the cockpit of the Spotlight:
Device charging, display connections, network connections,
microphone XLR sockets.

Being comfortable is a massive part of being able to deliver with
confidence and setting the podium at the right height for you is
critical to that experience.

The Spotlight adjusts to your perfect height, accommodating everyone
from children to adults and wheelchair users at the touch of a button.

The smooth, stable electric operation is near silent and everyone is
able to confidently present with unrestricted access and total control.