Command™ Media Lectern

Full sized media lectern for large
presentation and collaboration spaces

Command Desk Media Lectern Fixed Height


Full Width Media Lectern
1800mm wide x 825mm deep

Full size desktop for large work area



8U or 12U built in 19″ rack
440mm deep for full size components

Professional size capacity



Integrated power and AV control options

Enhanced specifications for effortless
media control

Working Height

Whether it is a fixed height or height adjustable lectern, you will love the convenience of the Command™ media lectern.

Fixed height is ideal for environments where the theatre or room is often used by known users who are comfortable at a seated desk.

Electric Height adjustment is suited for spaces which are used by many different people.  The electric height adjustment is fully CE and BS EN 527-1: 2011 compliant, accommodating everyone from the shortest to the tallest and complies with DDA regulations.

Raising and lowering the height of the lectern allows users of all heights and those wheelchair users to adjust the lectern to the perfect height for them.

Visualiser users are able to raise the height of the desking to a comfortable height rather than hunching over the content with bad posture, risking a sore back.

Fixed height or
electric height adjustment

You select the working height,
ensuring that you’re delivering in comfort.

Media Storage

Command Desk Media Lectern Fixed Height

Fixed Height

19″ rack cabinet storage
12U high, 450mm deep
Suitable for full sized AV components

Command™ Media Lectern from Loxit

Electric Height Adjustment

19″ rack cabinet storage
Option of 8U or 12U high, 440mm deep
Suitable for full sized AV components
Split door option for component access

Case study

University Manchester

“It’s become part of our teaching standard. We have the same kit and the same layout in 85 of our centrally timetabled rooms which makes it really useful for the lecturers because no matter where they are on campus.”

“When lecturers come to use the equipment, not only the AV equipment but also the features of the desk like the raise and lower, they know where everything is located. It’s been really useful for us to be able to standardise on this product. It’s also actually had unexpected uses which we hadn’t planned for but it’s been delivered really well.”

“We struggled to find something that would have all the abilities that we wanted: electrically height adjustable, the right size, which for us is shallower than a normal depth of desk, the ability to incorporate a 19” rack and customisable. Thankfully Loxit found a good solution.”

Jamie Wright, University of Manchester


Secure Visualiser Mount

Prevents the visualiser being accidentally knocked off the surface.

Ensures AV setup consistency for each room set up.

Saves time not having to lock the visualizer away when not in use.

Seamless Control

Being in control of your presentation is absolutely critical to its success.

The Command™ Lectern’s AV connectivity modules give you precise
control over
your AV equipment right where you need it, at your fingertips.

Select single or double gang blank AV modules to insert your own connectivity, or contact us
to configure custom designs including AV control panels from the most popular brands.

Select the power options for desktop power for devices like laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc.


Integrated Power and AV Modules

Single gang cut out

2 gang module

1 Gang + Power Module (2 x UK Power)

2 Gang + Power Module (2 x UK Power)


Configure your
Command Desk Lectern
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  • Fixed height

  • Height adjustable

  • Left hand

  • Right hand

Choose which side your rack cabinet is positioned and which way the door opens. Consider the room layout and how users will access the Command Desk

  • White

  • Grey

  • None

  • 8U Cabinet

  • 8U Cabinet

  • 12U Cabinet

  • 12U Cabinet

  • Power & Control Module

    Custom Control Mount for Extron TLP Pro 725M, 2 x 3 Pin Power UK Outlet, 1 x Single Gang Socket Cut out for Input Plate.