Hi-Lo® Command™ 1400 HA Lectern

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  • Warranty5 year on-site mechanical
    1 year on-site electrical
    If outside the U.K. please contact your local partner/service centre.

Hi-Lo® Command™ 1400 HA Lectern is a hugely capable electric height adjustable media lectern made of high quality materials to ensure durability in demanding environments.

With 15U rack capacity, the Command™ 1400 lectern is able to effortlessly raise and lower the lectern top to the perfect position for the user.

Lockable panels all with the same key allows easy access for rack building and maintenance.

Power routing is managed within the chassis of the Command™ lectern.

AV connectivity cable management is accessible and hidden from view within our integrated cable management system.

3105-HA-W-W – Electric HA White Body & White Top
3105-HA-W-LG – Electric HA White Body & Light Grey Top
3105-HA-W-BLK – Electric HA White Body & Black Top
3105-HA-DG-W – Electric HA Dark Grey Body & White Top
3105-HA-DG-LG – Electric HA Dark Grey Body & Light Grey Top
3105-HA-DG-BLK – Electric HA Dark Grey Body & Black Top
3105-HA-BLK-W – Electric HA Black Body & White Top
3105-HA-BLK-LG – Electric HA Black Body & Light Grey Top
3105-HA-BLK-BLK – Electric HA Black Body & Black Top

Additional information

Dimensions1200 DEPTH × 825 WIDTH × 925 HEIGHT mm

300mm of almost silent, smooth height adjustment for the perfect posture
Lectern top height from 925 to 1225mm
Smooth electric operation includes anti-collision safety feature

Fully removable 15U rack provides large storage of AV and IT equipment
Designed for easy rack building and maintenance access
All panels are fully removable and lockable using the same key to allow engineers easy access during build and maintenance.

Lockable panels prevent unauthorized access to the cabinet.
The rack is removable from the lectern chassis to allow pre-building off-site in a controlled environmentVentilation
large amount of passive inlet, exhaust and cross-ventilation means the Command™ Lectern is highly ventilated and able to house heat producing equipment.
The installation of additional fans is possible if required in order to further protect equipment.

15U lockable rack media cabinet

Desktop 1400 x 800mm

Height adjustable 925 – 1225mm

Lockable casters can be added if required, resulting increase of approx. 75mm to overall height

Used in areas where space is a premium, the Hi-Lo Command™ 1400 Height Adjustable Lectern offers uncompromising lectern capacity in a small footprint.

The Hi-Lo® Command™ 1400 HA Lectern has a 5 year mechanical on-site warranty, and a 1 year electrical on-site warranty.