Height Adjustable Desking

Are you sitting comfortably?

If you work in an office, are in education or spend your workday sitting at a desk you are probably sitting for around 30-40 hours, or 30% of your entire waking week.

Your body and spine are meant for movement and sitting can cause muscles to become stiff and strained.  Sitting for long periods of time truly can be harmful for the body.

Standing up at and stretching can release tension in muscles, relaxing them. Moving around can also redistribute the fluid that sits in the disks of the back.

Loxit design and manufacture professional quality electric height adjustable desking solutions to help avoid bad posture.

This allows switching between sitting and standing to blend the benefits of both and improving posture as well as promoting other health benefits.

Postural variety is important for maintaining good health. Whenever possible, vary your work postures between sitting and standing.


Use a ergonomic chair or a saddle seat when…

  • Work is light.
  • You are working within a comfortable arm reach envelope (within 38 cm or 15” of your body’s centre).
  • Your work is within a comfortable field of view (under 36” from the eyes).
  • The work is prolonged.


Work in a standing posture or in a saddle chair when…

  • Your work is performed over distances that exceed your comfortable arm reach.
  • Your work requires that you move your body along with your arms.
  • The work is spread out over several areas.
  • Your work height above the floor is variable.
  • The work involves weighted objects or large forces.
  • Your work requires you to move around in order to view something.
  • You need to relieve the fatigue of sitting for long periods of time.

Your desk. Your style. Your comfort.

“It’s been really useful for us to be able to standardise on this product. It’s also had unexpected uses we hadn’t planned for, it’s been delivered really well.”

“We started out with one particular product and through several iterations, which we worked on with Loxit, we’ve come up with a really good product which we feel we can roll out across our entire campus.”


Jamie Wright The University of Manchester

Set your desk at the perfect height with just a tap on the app

The electric height controller (option 3295) can be attached to the desktop of your Workspace, it can be controlled and operated manually, or remotely using your phone.

The app allows you to store your perfect working heights and pre-select positions.

Making it personal

Designed and made, just for you. You choose the shape, size, colour and accessories to create your perfect desk solution

Reliable and Robust

The Hi-Lo® WorkspaceTM Desks utilize quality components with decades of proven use in the public and private sectors

Perfect Height

Fully compliant with BS EN 527-1: 2011, accommodating everyone from the shortest to the tallest

Integrated technology

Power Grommet

Universal USB charging for up to 4 devices with 2 mains plug sockets.  Shuko connection also available.

Monitor Arm

Securely fix your monitor to the desk and perfectly position the screen.

Cable Dump Tray

Keep your Workspace neat and tidy with this tray (highlighted in blue below).
Perfect for peripheral device power supply cables. The tray is anchored to the structure of the desk for safety.

Configure your
Hi-Lo® Workspace™ Height Adjustable Desking
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