Control™ 10U Media Cabinet Under Desk

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  • Warranty5 year return to base mechanical
    1 year return to base electrical
    If outside the U.K. please contact your local partner/service centre.

The Control™ Under Desk Media Cabinet is a discreet, small form AV media cabinet suitable for tight spaces

Convenient size and a compact footprint

The integrated 10U racking is 400mm deep

3550/W – White Body
3550/B – Black Body


The Control™ Under Desk Media Cabinet is a stylish and professional 10U media cabinet with 4 swivel casters.

Designed to provide a stylish and convenient under desk media cabinet, the 10U rack cabinet is able to store sizeable amounts of IT and AV equipment whilst nestling out of the way.

Highly ventilated, the Control™ Under Desk Media Cabinet provides efficient air flow to keep high performing equipment cool.

With 400mm depth for equipment there is ample additional space inside for cable management.

At 600mm high, the Control™ Under Desk Media Cabinet provides plenty of clearance between the desk and media cabinet if used with a Hi-Lo desking system.

The clever cable routing allows easy access for power if required, data for peripherals.

Media cabinet footprint is just 615mm wide x 460mm deep for a minimal footprint.

600mm high to easily fit under desk.

Includes removable side panels for easy access to install and maintain equipment in the housing.

Constructed from durable steel.

Supplied fully built.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 900 DEPTH × 560 WIDTH × 880 HEIGHT mm

10U rack 400mm deep, overall depth 460mm.

Access via front and rear lockable hatches to make setup simple and easy cable management

4 swivel casters built in for easy movement

600mm from floor to top of cabinet to allow for crush zone when used with height adjustable desking.

Powder coated for longevity and ease of maintenance

External dimensions 600mm high x 615mm wide x 460mm  deep- designed to fit underneath standard counters and desks.

10U rack with grommet access for power.

The rack is 400mm deep, allowing for control and management switches, feeds and other AV equipment.

High quality lockable door, featuring ASSA Abloy locks.

Removable panels all sides for ease of integration.

4 swivel casters for easy movement.

Space is always a premium, the Control Under Desk Media Cabinet is designed to solve a number of issues, allowing you to install all of the AV equipment needed into a small, compact media cabinet.

The small form media cabinet comes complete with 10U rack. This unit is designed to sit beneath your desk or counter, so there’s no unsightly box of cables and wires to be seen.

The design is deliberately unobtrusive, the unit itself, a real box of tricks that will hold all your media and AV connectivity within the one space. Keeping things neat and manageable, with access from the front door and removable rear panel if required for maintenance access. These units are easy to work on, when in situ.

The wheeled base really adds to this, allowing you to make adjustments to the position of the unit with ease. Whether this is during the initial installation or as part of an on-going maintenance, the Control under Desk Media Cabinet is easily manoeuvred into position within even the tightest spaces.

The Control Under Desk Media Cabinet is popular within many education settings, where the unit can be easily located beneath existing desks and counters. Other popular users of this product include healthcare professionals, within both teaching and delivery environments, and corporate businesses and organisations where the size and agility of the unit allow it to be located with minimal disruption to existing room layouts and furniture.

10U Industry standard racking
Store and locate, everything that you need within one unit using this racking.

Access your equipment
All four side panels of the cabinet can be removed, creating open access and ease of use
when installing and configuring equipment.

Access is managed via a steel door, which is locked with a high quality ASSA abloy lock.

The Control™ 10U Media Cabinet Under Desk has a 5 year mechanical return to base warranty, and a 1 year electrical return to base warranty.

If outside the U.K. please contact your local partner/service centre.