Lapbank Tab15 Sync & Charge High Security iPad and Tablet Trolley

Product Code: 7515


High quality laptop trolley for the secure storage sync and charging of 15 iPads or tablets simultaneously.

The Lapbank Tab 15 trolley provides a secure tablet storage solution designed for 16 iPads, iPad minis and all tablets up to a maximum tablet case size of 70h x 360w x 230d.

The sync and charge device will allow for the simultaneous sync and charging of up to 15 ipads, ipad minis and other tablets at the same time. *

Storage is provided for 16 ipads, ipad minis and other tablets with two tablets per shelf, along with a spare shelf to securely store a laptop in the same trolley.

The Lapbank Tab 15 trolley is a high security, reliable, safe and durable ipad and tablet trolley which is highly regarded by professional integrators worldwide.

Providing very high levels of security, the Lapbank Tab 15 trolley is designed to securely store and charge very desirable and portable iPads and tablets in open access environments.

The generous shelf sizes are designed with the user in mind and provide a future proof design allowing ample space for a wide range of devices.

Note: ChargeConnect 15 connects devices to a host PC. The proprietary software provided with the device will dictate it’s usability. If in doubt, please check with the device manufacturer regarding management of multiple devices.

*Note: When syncing multiple Apple devices using iTunes:
Mac computers can sync up to 30 iPads or Apple products simultaneously.
For PC’s operating Windows software, iTunes will sync up to 7 iPads or Apple products simultaneously.

Additional information

Weight62 kg
Dimensions670 DEPTH × 500 WIDTH × 970 HEIGHT mm

High security iPad, iPad mini and tablet trolley which can store up to 16 tablet and sync and charge 15 simultaneously.

Market leading security design features include 2nr 7 lever mortise safe locks per door with anti-jemmy bar design, all welded construction and full length piano hinges.

Mix different devices in the same trolley, providing future proof design. This may include non tablet devices such as 3-D glasses, GPS devices, iPhones, iPod Touch etc. All devices will charge at the correct rate alongside each other.

Clever naturally ventilated design means no heat build up and no energy hungry cooling fans.

Substantial trolley base with large diameter swiveling and individually locking wheels are robust, designed to last.

Uses a universal USB charger which will allow syncing to a host computer is the manufacturer of the tablet has software to support this.

Insurance advised secure docking allows the trolley to be locked to the fabric of the building.

Perfect for education and training establishments where group iPads, iPad minis or other tablets are returned for secure overnight storage and requiring cleaning down or updating for the next day.

The sync and charge device allows 15 iPads, iPad minis or other tablets to be connected to one host computer or laptop at the same time.

By doing so, this dramatically increases the efficiency with which a batch of iPads or tablets may be administered. When 15 devices are connected and sync at one time, the user is able to allow this to happen automatically and can leave the process running until it is completed.

Once completed, the iPads or tablets will automatically revert to charge mode ensuring the fastest possible charging rate for each device.

This provides a very tangible time saving when dealing with large numbers of tablets.

Total flexibility – iPads and other tablets can be securely charged alongside each other in any configuration.

Devices are arranged 2 per shelf.

Maximum tablet size including case 70h x 360w x 230d.

Normally in stock, 2-5 days.

Please note: When ordering multiple items, delivery charges may change.