Tabinet 10 Slimline Wall Mounted USB Charge

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The Tabinet 10 Slimline from Loxit is a slimline storage and charging cabinet designed to be wall mounted.

Designed to reduce the depth on the wall whilst maintaining a compact height, the Tabinet 10 Slimline allows access for all users, especially in tight spaces such as corridors or behind desks where space is a premium.

The slim depth of the cabinet is complimented by the narrow width of the door meaning that when opened, the door protrudes the minimum amount.

The Tabinet 10 Slimline is a stylish storage and USB charging cabinet for tablets and iPads with a compartment size of 270mm wide x 340mm deep x 30mm high.

The Tabinet 10 Slimline stores the iPads and charges via USB full rate charging

One single cable provides power to the Tabinet 10 Slimline.

Colour options are available.

Additional information

Weight20 kg
Dimensions220 × 460 × 890 mm

Store and charge up to 10 iPads and tablets powered by Loxit’s 10 port high powered USB charging hub.

Full rate USB charging with one single power cable to the mains socket.

Slimline design for busy spaces.

Wall mounted design frees up valuable desk space.

Managing, storing and charging iPads and tablets can prove difficult in busy environments.

The Tabinet 10 Slimline is perfect for hospitals where tablets need to be stored and charged within busy environments where space is a premium.

The shallow depth of the cabinet means it does not protrude into the room space more the necessary.

The overall height is just 890mm which allows users easy access to all iPads and tablets, whilst the depths is an unobtrusive 220mm.

The Tabinet 10 Slimline Wall Mounted USB Charge has a 1 year warranty.

This is a return to base warranty. If outside the U.K. please contract your local partner/service centre.

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