PowerPad 16 Apple Only Devices USB Charge

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16 port Apple only USB charger.

Deliver full rate charge for up to 16 iPads, iPad minis, iPods, iPod Touch or any other Apple USB chargeable device with the PowerPad 16.

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Dimensions72 × 200 × 45 mm


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Charges up to 16 Apple devices at their full rates of charge.

The PP16 recognises which device is plugged in and delivers the correct amount of charge to the device.

Perfect for tech centres, trade shows, travelling labs and training centres.

Includes a UL-Listed dual voltage PSU.

Mounts on or under a desk or counter.

CE Tested to EN60950.

FCC and CB Test certificates available.

Product: PP16.

Functionality: Apple Only Charge.

Compatible Devices: Universal USB Charging.

Number of Ports: 16 Ports.

Charge per Port: 2.1 amps.

Power Supply: FSP-180-AHAN1.

Delivered as: Cased Unit.

Do you find that your organisation or place of work uses a large number of electronic devices that need to be kept charged up via USB cable? If so the PowerPad16 from Cambrionix is about to change your working life for the better…

A powerful 16-port charger, ideal for schools, laboratories and busy office environments. The PowerPad16 supports every type of iPad, iPod and iPhone. If you’re looking for a charging solution for other devices such as Android tablets, eReaders and GoPro cameras, then the PowerPad16 is for you

The PowerPad16 is compact, light, and easy to use and replaces the many bulky power strips and the AC adapter bricks usually supplied with devices. Easy to mount on a wall or under a desk, the PowerPad16 is an invaluable space and time saver.

The PowerPad16 is light weight and can be mounted with screw fittings and comes complete with transformer.

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