Lapbank® Premium Security Laptop Charging Cabinets For 6 x 15.6 inch Laptops

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Offering the very highest levels of security, our Lapbank premium quality Lapbank Laptop Charging Cabinets are packed full of innovative features designed to keep your laptops and notebooks up to 15.6″ secure and charged ready for use.

For over 20 years, our customers from all over the world have relied on the strength, security and ultra safe charging provided by our Lapbank Laptop Charging Cabinets.

The Lapbank Laptop Charging Cabinet is constructed to deliver the highest levels of security, coupled with clever and innovative features refined over 20 years of designing and manufacturing laptop charging trolleys and cabinets. The Lapbank range is designed to last.

Constructed from all welded heavy guage steel
Generous shelf height allows easy access
Twin skin steel doors to laptop charging compartments
7 lever high security safe locks with anti-jemmy bar devices
High levels of natural ventilation, meaning no energy hungry fans
Neutral colour designed to compliment any colour scheme
Ultra safe laptop charging architecture

All adding up to an incredibly secure, feature rich secure laptop charging solution without peer.

Capable of storing and charging 6 x laptops or notebooks with screens up to 15.6″ inches diagonal, the Lapbank laptop charging cabinet’s clever design reduces footprint and keeps bulk to a minimum.

Maximum laptop size 85h x 430w x 370d with 60mm depth allowance for transformer.

The very generous 90mm high shelf sizes are designed with the user in mind for easy access and provide a future proof design allowing ample space for a wide range of devices.

The ultra safe laptop trolley charging kit with soft start and surge protection, mains conditioner and anti-backwash device ensures your devices are fully protected and the batteries are charged in their optimum condition to ensure battery longevity.

The soft start protects against RCD trips when charging laptops with empty batteries, i.e. at the start of a new term in a school.

Optional Intelligent Charge module with charge status indicator available.

(Product code for Lapbank 6 Premium Security Laptop Charging Cabinet without charging 6305)

Additional information

Weight45 kg
Dimensions450 DEPTH × 600 WIDTH × 640 HEIGHT mm

Precision engineered, proven design with over 20 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing secure laptop charging cabinets and trolleys in the UK and around the world.

Extremely secure yet easy to maneuverable laptop charing trolleys.

Premium security – 2nr 7 lever mortise safe locks per door with anti-jemmy bar design, all welded construction with full length piano hinges.

Soft start, surge protection, mains conditioner and anti-backwash device provides ultra safe charging.

RCD protected mains input lead is easily replaceable should it become damaged.

Charging strips are high specification double insulated and come with cable management kits for an easy to install, neat and reliable solution.

Uses the original laptop chargers, meaning if a device is replaced or upgraded expensive call out charges are avoided, with no on-going maintenance costs or warranty issues associated with swapping laptops using managed charging systems.

Clever naturally ventilated design means no heat build up and no energy hungry cooling fans.

Substantial trolley base with large diameter swiveling and 130mm heavy duty, rubberized individually locking wheels are robust, designed to last.

Max Laptop Size:
85mm H x 340mm W x 370mm D.

Single door 6 compartment laptop cabinet for secure laptop storage.

7 lever mortice safe locking mechanism

Anti-jemmy bar design

Double skin steel doors.

Welded construction.

Compatible with charging kit and soft start with surge protection.

Perfect for Education and Training Establishments where the group laptops are returned for secure overnight storage and charging.

The laptop cabinet is fixed in one place so it is ideal for rooms where laptops are always required. i.e. Science classrooms, IT classrooms, training rooms.

Our ultra-safe charging kits allows laptops to be safely and efficiently charged using the original laptop chargers, meaning no warranty issues or maintenance costs when replacing or upgrading laptops.

Networking options allow remote software maintenance whilst laptops are securely charging in the laptop trolley.

The secure laptop charging cabinet option is ideal where laptops have an allocated space in a room.

Maximum laptop size 85h x 430w x 370d with 60mm depth allowance for transformer

2-3 weeks.

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