Desk Anchor Plate With Glue and Screws

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Made of steel, the “loop” of the hasp is 6mm deep and with an ovalised hole, is between 3 – 6mm thick, providing good protection against attack.

The hasp anchor point comes with a cover plate to prevent the removal of screws if used.

2 x 6 gauge 3/4″ wood screws supplied for manual fixing.

High strength glue included for additional bonding.

May be used in conjunction with cable and padlock sets.

Additional information

Weight0.08 kg
Dimensions62 DEPTH × 53 WIDTH × 30 HEIGHT mm

Provides a firm anchor point suitable to attach to furniture.

Strong construction provides good protection against attack.

Includes 2 x wood screws.

Includes high strength glue.

Cover plate hides wood screws preventing removal.

Perfect for the security of single or multiple pieces of IT equipment when used in conjunction with cables sets and padlocks.

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Oval loop hole measures 20mm x 13mm.

Used use where an anchor point needs to be created.

Suitable for fixing to wooden surfaces such as underneath desks or attached to furniture.

Commonly used to secure a single or multiple pieces of IT equipment to furniture using in conjunction with cable sets and padlocks.

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