Laptop/Monitor Twin Slotlox Security Kit, S-N-S Cable & KD Padlock

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Developed by Loxit, the Slotlox is an economical laptop security solution.

Kit includes 2 x Slotlox widgets, 1 x 1.5m stopper to stopper cable and 1 x keyed to differ padlock with keyhole plate.

Slotlox is a simple, flexible and very versatile laptop/flat screen monitor security device which locks into the universal security slot of a laptop or flat screen monitor.

The beauty of this Slotlox laptop security kit is not only the simple use and durable construction, but the fact it may be daisy chained to secure multiple items.

The small stopper on the cable is passed through the slotlox when in the locked position securing the laptop, notebook or monitor. The cable is then passed through the second slotlox when in position.

The keyhole plate provided is then used to create the end termination for the cable, secured by the 25mm brass padlock provided.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg

Simple installation

Secures multiple itens in a flexible security solution


Durable and quality construction

2nr Slot-lox widgets

1.5m stopper to stopper cable

25mm brass padlock keyed to differ

Padlock keyhole plate

Used where opportunist theft may be a problem. The Slotlox daisy chain solution is a flexible and economical security option used to compliment existing security.

The Slotlox kit may secure two items with standard security slots found on most laptops and monitors, to building fabric/furniture with one cable and padlock in a daisy chain arrangement.

It is possible to purchase additional Slotlox widgets to add to the cable and lock, thus diluting the cost of security per item.

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