Lapbank TL Security Docking Kit

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Insurance advised, the secure docking station locks the lapbank trolley to the fabric of the building preventing removal of the trolley.

Kit comprises:

  • Heavy duty steel skirting plates – designed for easy access and operation.
  • Heavy duty fixing kit – fixes into concrete, timber, steel or brickwork.
  • Heavy duty twin ‘D’ hoop plates.
  • Twin 60mm high quality brass padlocks for maximum security.


Lapbank TL Security Docking Kit

Bolt your Lapbank trolley to the building fabric in order to provide the best theft deterrent.

Ensures the laptop trolleys are kept in the correct locations when charging.

Twin heavy duty 60mm brass padlocks ensure high security.

Kit comprises ‘D’ Hoops, fixings for D hoops, twin 60mm brass padlocks, heavy duty steel docking brackets and structural fixings to bolt the laptop charging trolley to the building.

For use where the Lapbank laptop charging trolley is required to be securely attached to the building to prevent removal.

Augments the security provided by the Lapbank Laptop Trolley by preventing removal of the trolley from its position.