N-Square Projector Clamp 100 (add Security Cable Kit)

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Loxit’s N-Series adjustable projector clamps entrap almost all models of modern overhead projector.

The N-Square 100 provides close fit tolerance as a square corner to corner projector clamp measuring 100mm wide x 125mm high.

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Weight3.50 kg
Dimensions340L × 100W × 125H mm


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Developed to be fully compatible with Loxit’s projector ceiling mount kits, the fully adjustable chassis allows the clamp to closely grip the projector whilst the locking mechanism is shielded by the projector chassis itself.

The N-Square projector clamp has a maximum length diagonally across the projector between hoops of 340mm.

The N-Square’s rings are 100mm wide x 125mm high therefore normally add around 40mm overall to the maximum width of the projector diagonal where the projector’s square corners fit through the hoops (depending on projector height).

The N-Square 100 projector clamp is effective in achieving a close tolerance fit to standard sized projectors.

The projector clamp must be secured with a compatible heavy duty cable set product range 8030-8062.

For a total security solution the clamp and heavy duty cable set may be coupled with a motion sensitive alarm.

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