Hi-Lo® Anti-Crush Bar for Flat Screen 1.00m

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  • Warranty1 year return to base mechanical
    If outside the U.K. please contact your local partner/service centre.


Anti-crush bar compatible with the Hi-Lo® Mono, Duo and Screen Lift mount ranges.

The Hi-Lo® Anti-Crush Bar is a sensitive pressure switch which provides additional safety when electrically lowering the screen on Loxit’s Hi-Lo® mounts..

Once touched, the Hi-Lo Anti-Crush Bar stops the screen from being lowered, reverses the screen upwards 30mm and then cuts power. Allowing the operator to investigate the cause of obstruction.

Can be used to prevent screens being accidentally lowered onto furniture and damaging the screen or furniture.

Discretely attaches to the underside of the touch screen.

Includes auto reverse of 30mm when contact is made.

Additional safety feature ideal for wheelchair users and small children.

Adhesion kit included.

Additional information

Weight 0.40 kg
Dimensions 20 DEPTH × 1370 WIDTH × 16 HEIGHT mm

Auto reverse feature reverses the motor by 30mm when light contact is made with the anti-crush bar.

Simple to fit.

Stylish, unobtrusive design.

VHB adhesive tape included for adhesion.

Fits to underside of screen.

VHB (Very High Bonding) tape included for adhesion.

Stylish safety device prevents accidental crushing when screen is being lowered.

Particularly suitable for nurseries, SEN environments and wheelchair users with brittle bones.

Perfect for wheelchair users to prevent any accidental harm and small children who use the features of a touch screens.

Also used to prevent a screen being driven into an object, protecting the screen and furniture.

Ideal for touch screens.

The Hi-Lo® Anti-Crush Bar for Flat Screen 1.00m has a 1 year mechanical return to base warranty.

If outside the U.K. please contact your local partner/service centre.

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