Electric Height Adjustable Hive Desk

Product Code: 3302


The Hi-Lo Hive desk takes all the benefits of the hive desk and adds height adjustment, allowing meetings and collaborative tasks to take place seated or standing.
The Hi-Lo Hive desk can be a collaborative desk area, with the possibility to bring together screen, device management, charging and connectivity it can be configured to deliver what you need, combining everything into one central location.

Five seat modern desking solution with quality and stable construction for a long life.

25mm thick high-quality desktop with colour options.

Height adjustment between 705 and 1225mm (520mm of adjustment)

Optional hidden cable management and power management options.

Device charging options to power up to 4 laptops and 10 USB chargeable devices.

Optional Screen mount for 40-48in Displays.

AV Faceplate option for screen mount providing the ideal connection to the display.

1100*1800mm Desktop

520mm of height adjustment (685 – 1205mm)

Internal cable routing and power

The Hi-Lo Hive desk is ideal for school environments where several groups of users might use the same desk over the course of a day, altering the height of the desk allows everyone to achieve the optimal working position during collaborative projects and tasks. In offices the large range of height adjustment allows the desk to be used when stood or seated as best fits the meeting or current use of the desk.

Normally 3 weeks.

Please note: When ordering multiple items, delivery charges may change.