Hi-Lo 500 Trolley Secure Open Space Docking Kit

Product Code: 8561


The Hi-Lo 500 Trolley Secure Open Space Docking Kit is a floor mounted plate kit which provides a mechanism to lock the Hi-Lo® 500 electrically height adjustable trolley lift to the floor in an open space within a building preventing removal of the trolley.

Additional information

Weight13 kg
Dimensions190 DEPTH × 180 WIDTH × 300 HEIGHT mm

High security docking kit spreads the load and provides opportunity for a strong fixing.

Heavy duty padlocks may be keyed to differ or keyed alike.

Simple installation.

Simple operation.

Docking kit comprises two heavy duty steel “D” hoops which are fixed to the Hi-Lo® 500 trolley lift.

Twin heavy duty floor docking plates provide excellent fixing spread and security.

Twin large heavy duty brass padlock security.

Where Hi-Lo® 500 trolley lift is not kept in a secure area overnight or may be at risk of theft if left unattended.

Often used where the trolley is not able to be secured to the skirting plate, the open space docking kit fixes directly to the floor.

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