Hi-Lo® Multimount Base Cover

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Optional base cover for Loxit Multimount, hides the trolley base legs for a sleek and professional look.

1 base cover per trolley, therefore:

1 multimount x 2 screens = 1 base cover
2 multimount x 2 screens = 2 base covers + 1 Filler Piece
3 multimount x 2 screens = 3 base covers + 2 Filler Pieces

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 780 DEPTH × 925 WIDTH × 50 HEIGHT mm

Base cover for Mobile Video Wall Trolley

Sleek look complimenting the design of the mobile video wall.

Rounded corners for a modern look which reduce risk of damage to doors, walls etc when in transportation.

Steel covers are powder coated black to match Multimount body.

Used to create a sleek look when presenting using Loxit’s Multimount Electric Mobile Video Wall Stands.

Where 2 base covers are used, a filler piece is included to hide the gap between base covers as the butt together.

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