Lapbank Laptop Charging Kit inc Soft Start & Surge for 10 Laptops (Cabinet not included)

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  • Warranty1 year return to base mechanical
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Ultra safe charging kit for Lapbank range of laptop trolleys and laptop cabinets, designed for 10 laptops.

Includes RCD protected and easily replacable mains input cable, high quality charging sockets for 10 laptops and earth bonded soft start and surge protector with mains conditioner and anti-backwash device.

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Weight2.05 kg
Dimensions50 DEPTH × 630 WIDTH × 75 HEIGHT mm

Ultra safe laptop charging system for 10 laptops used in Loxit’s Lapbank range of laptop security products.

RCD protected mains cable for electrical safety if the cable is severed or damaged. Mains cable is easily replacable if damaged.

High quality charging strips.

Soft Start and Surge Protected.

Mains Conditioner and Anti-Backwash device prevents stored charge from transformers returning down the mains input cable to the plug.

Includes cable management kit.

Quick, once only set-up.

Simple and economical – Store and charge any make and type of laptop or device per laptop trolley or laptop cabinet without warranty issues.

Future proof design – transformers supplied with the laptop are installed, ensuring the correct voltage, full compatibility and high efficiency charging.

No need for special set-up or expensive on-going maintenance costs incurred with managed charging solutions.

Cable management and fixings included.

Grommets ensure wires transfer safely from outside to inside the cabinet with no tension on the adapter cables.

RCD protected mains input cable with IEC (kettle style) connectors for easy replacement in the event of cable damage.

High quality double insulated charging strips.

Soft Start and Surge Protection with Mains Conditioner and Anti-Backwash Device.

An ultra safe, efficient and compact charging system which is suitable for use when multiple numbers of laptops or netbooks are being charged.

Although laptops and netbooks operate a low voltage charging system, the initial power spike when multiple laptops are set to charge at the same time, is often enough to trip the MCB (fuse) in a room. This can cause damage to electrical equipment and is time consuming to deal with.

The soft start electronically phases the startup of the laptops or netbooks so they do not draw too much electricity when they begin charging at the same time. This prevents the electrical circuits which the laptop trolley is plugged into, from tripping.

The surge protection prevents any damage to the laptops when they are charging, in the event of an electrical surge.

The mains conditioner and anti-backwash device prevents any electricity passing back down the mains input cable from the laptop transformers which may hold stored charge.

The Soft Start, Surge Protector and Mains Conditioner with Anti Backwash device consumes no electricity itself, meaning running costs are kept to the bare minimum.

The Lapbank Laptop Charging Kit inc Soft Start & Surge for 10 Laptops (Cabinet not included) has a 1 year mechanical return to base warranty.

If outside the U.K. please contact your local partner/service centre.

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