Screen Mount Rubber Base Protector

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Screen Mount Rubber Base Protector for Loxit’s range of mobile screen mounts using flat base plates.

Protect users and the building when transporting screens around.

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Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 7 DEPTH × 2000 WIDTH × 10 HEIGHT mm

Rubberized bumper edge protection for screen mount trolleys with flat plate base.

Protects users and the building from contact with the steel plate base on screen mount trolley when in use and when being used.

Perfect for younger years and vulnerable users as well as trolleys which are regularly moved around buildings.

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Rubber bumper protection for steel plate base.

Suitable for all plate style trolley bases which are either moved around buildings are used vulnerable environments for example younger years and SEN.

Perfect to help protect young or vulnerable users from colliding with the leading edge of the trolley’s flat plate base.]

Helps protect the building and the trolley base from being damaged if the trolley if a collision occurs.

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