Bolton Council

Bolton Schools ICT Unit have purchased 70 Loxit lapbanks of various sizes over the past 3 years and have always been very happy with the build quality, security, mobility, delivery speed, and functionality of the products.

I have seen the lapbanks used in classrooms and they are the perfect aid to classroom laptop use with regard to storage and convenience.

The previous laptop trolleys we bought from another company were twice the price and totally inflexible as, when a school bought some new laptops, they had to reconfigure the trolley at great cost.

The Loxit lapbanks can be used for many years by a school, no matter what the laptop model is. This is obviously very appealing to a school.

Also I have never heard of any Lapbank in a Bolton school being broken into and laptops stolen.

Loxit have always been very helpful with any pre or post-sales advice and always return my emails and phone calls.

Bolton CouncilOperations Manager, Schools ICT Unit, Children's Services.