Loxit – Working with the Environment

A continuous process

Planning to look after our customers and our planet is a vision that has been at the heart of Loxit since being founded in 1996. Over that time we have worked hard to invest and implement processes that have a positive effect on our planet.  We realised our ambitions in 2014 when we became carbon negative for the first time.


Seeing the light

All of our lighting throughout the manufacturing, warehousing and offices uses low energy bulbs to further reduce demand on electricity.

Chain of custody

Working with local like-minded businesses who are committed to green production and delivery.

Daily operations

We actively discourage unnecessary travel, embracing the use of technology whenever possible. We operate flexible working across office and home environments. We employ a local team, encouraging walk or cycling to work.

Recycle IT

Recycled steel

All metal products are made using steel which is 100% recyclable. We will take back products and fully recycle them providing all of the associated certification.

Recycled packaging

Across the business, we re-use packaging wherever possible and every step has been taken to reduce waste during the production process. As a result of this extensive work, we produce very little non-recyclable waste.

Working together

We believe in collaboration, working together for the common good. We’re constantly exploring new initiatives, updating our knowledge and investing in ethical production.

Renew IT

Carbon negative since 2014

Our energy saving, renewable generation and other initiatives has seen Loxit operate as a carbon negative business since 2014.

We operate a 90 KW PV solar array at our manufacturing facility in Cheshire. Our significantly reduced consumption through our energy saving measures means our consumption of this renewable energy is just 19% allowing 81% of our solar generated, renewable energy to be fed back into National Grid, saving over 33 tonnes of CO2 production a year.

WEE recycling

Our aim is to reduce our waste to zero. We already recycle all our own electrical products, with any waste being recycled at certified centres.

Plan IT is the thinking behind the products – how we select materials, design and construct them – the steps we are taking to help both people and the planet. This isn’t new for us, but we felt it was important to let you know what we’ve done and what we will keep doing in the future.

As we face the reality of the Climate Challenge, Loxit is proud to be an early adopter of green production design and smarter thinking.


Our goal…

Providing solutions that don’t cost the earth.

Design IT

Products designed with the environment in mind.

We understand that environmental impact includes how our products are used once they’ve left us, we have to innovate, push ourselves and design products that include smart features, embracing leading edge technology that will minimise electrical consumption. It’s a constant process, that learns and evolves.

For example, the integration of our Intelligent Charging System significantly reduces energy consumption for our customers when charging multiple devices simultaneously.

Through smart design and development, we have layered design techniques and technology, reducing the running costs and energy requirements of our products.

Power management coupled with natural ventilation – for example our charging products, removes the need for power hungry fans to cool equipment, reducing the emissions of our products when in use.


We believe in designing and manufacturing solutions, that give our customers real life-cycle value.

Reliable and durable designs ensure service that far exceeds warranty periods.

We design universal products so that when your devices are replaced, our products need little or no modification and continue working for your new equipment.  Many of our customers have had over 20 years reliable service from our products.


Please note, this page will be updated as we continue to develop and further improve our processes, we are working hard to protect out planet.