Interactive Learning Systems

Interactive Learning Systems

Magic Carpet Mobile Interactive Projection System

Explore new worlds, create stunning interactive visuals and games
within minutes. The Magic Carpet technologies quickly create
immersive environments that stimulate all the senses.

High brightness content is projected onto any surface, creating a fully interactive space. This could be the floor, a patient’s bad, a table or
wheelchair tray. Interactions come from touch and movement gestures including eye gaze.

The Magic Carpet uses audio effects, real-time game play and interaction
to create engaging therapy, inclusive gaming, expression and learning.

Magic Mirror Mobile Interactive Projection System

A revolutionary, movement controlled, interactive projection system.
The interactions are controlled by your body – gestures and movements
from any part of the body, including the eyes – control your experience.
Input can also come from touch and conventional control panels.

The Magic Mirror uses audio effects, real-time game play and interaction
to encourage movement, engaging therapy, expression and learning.
The system is designed to allow multi-person participation, with intuitive avatar and game making features that allow you to create unique
experiences in minutes.

Record and download the activity, analyse interactions and monitor
progress. The Magic Mirror provides ground-breaking AR interaction for
users of all ages and abilities.