Intel NUC 7/8th Generation Mount Clamp Suitable for K and H Chassis, 36mm and 51mm

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A discreet, mounting clamp for the 7th and 8th generation Intel NUC. It is constructed from steel, powder coated black to match the device.

The Intel NUC clamp is able to be attached to standard 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm VESA patterns. The 100mm x 100mm VESA pattern is pre-drilled into Loxit’s standard screen mount wall brackets code 8563 and 8565. The fixing pattern on the Intel NUC mounting

The Intel NUC clamp also allows the Intel NUC to be discretely fixed to the underside of desks, inside digital signange enclosures and direct to walls if required. Once the Intel NUC is secured in the clamp, the fixings are hidden by the device.

The design of the Intel NUC clamp specifically avoids interference with the in build wirless antennas found inside the Intel NUC.

The Intel NUC Clamp is assembled using security screws. For a more secure design, see product 0033 and 0034 for Intel NUC 7/8th Generation Lockable Security Mounts.

Additional information

Weight 0.40 kg
Dimensions 134 DEPTH × 126 WIDTH × 57 HEIGHT mm

Steel clamp designed for the 7th and 8th Generation Intel NUC.

Adjustable Intel NUC Clamp design means it is able to accommodate H (36mm) and K (51mm) size chassis for both 7th and 8th Generation Intel NUCs. Meaning a single clamp is able to mount and protect 4 diffeerent INTEL NUCs.

Discrete – small format security mount solution for Intel NUC, follows the contours of the NUC.

Smart design – ensures no interference with the in-built wireless antennas and maintains access to all ports.

Adaptable – includes 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm VESA mounts which can be used to mount on a wall, under a desk or onto the rear of a monitor using the standard VESA mount.

Built to last – steel construction, powder coated for longevity.

Intel NUCs are incredibly small form factor and powerful PCs. They are used in a wide range of environments from home to offices, and are often used to run complex software in commercial applications such as digital signage environments.

The Intel NUC Mount Clamp for 7th and 8th Generation Intel NUC is suitable to safely mount these devices and also ensure they are protected against opportunist theft.

The Intel NUC Mount Clamp for 7th and 8th Generation can also be used to mount Intel NUC computers within IT/AV installations using the pre drilled and countersunk 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm VESA mount patterns.

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