Lapbank® TL
Laptop and Chromebook Charging Trolleys


Easy access to all devices

With less bulk, smaller footprint, less weight.

Using 100% recyclable steel.


The Lapbank TL range is less impact on your space, easier to push around, easier to configure, less impact on the environment and offers our most efficient laptop storage ever

Configure your Lapbank® TL™

Laptop and Chromebook Charging Solution

Choose your options to build your Lapbank® TL Laptop and Chromebook Charging Trolleys...

  • Lapbank TL Security Docking Kit

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    Insurance advised, the secure docking station locks the lapbank trolley to the fabric of the building preventing removal of the trolley.

    Kit comprises:

    • Heavy duty steel skirting plates – designed for easy access and operation.
    • Heavy duty fixing kit – fixes into concrete, timber, steel or brickwork.
    • Heavy duty twin ‘D’ hoop plates.
    • Twin 60mm high quality brass padlocks for maximum security.
    Product code: 6705
  • Intelligent Charging Module with Charge Status Indicator

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    This charging option provides smart power management for multiple device charging.  The Intelligent Charge Module senses when multiple laptops or devices are fully charged and manages the power requirements, switching the power off when all devices are fully charged.  Saving money, the environment and increasing the length of battery life.

    The integrated Charge Status Indicator easily identifies the charge status of the laptops or devices.  Designed to be simple to operate and durable in use, it is suitable for chromebooks and laptops,  iPads and other tablets, iPhone, Kindle etc.

    Product code: 6200
  • Data Transfer Kit - 10 Laptops wired (1000 Mbit/s)

    Product code: 6250
  • Data Transfer Kit for 16 Laptops

    Data Transfer Kit - 16 Laptops wired (1000 Mbit/s)

    Product code: 6256
  • Data Transfer Kit - 20 Laptops wired (1000 Mbit/s)

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    Data transfer kit for Loxit’s Lapbank range of laptop security and charging trolleys.

    Suitable for 20 devices with standard RJ45 ethernet connections.

    1000 Mbit/s transfer rate allows laptops to be updated overnight ready for the next days use.

    Product code: 6260
  • Intelligent Charging Module with Charge Status Indicators for 24+ Devices

    Product code: 6201
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Quick and easy access to laptops and charging cables

Compact design, reduced weight, small footprint


High quality all welded steel construction with legendary build quality

Designed to last


Highest electrical safety standards, proven over decades of use

Protecting users and equipment

“We’ve come across a lot of laptop storage solutions over the years, but nothing comes close to the quality and longevity of Loxit.”

John Graham – ICT Direct

Engineered Efficiency

By top loading devices, the Lapbank TL gives users easy access to devices.  It also allows us to reduce compartment sizes between each device, resulting in our most efficient laptop charing and storage trolley to date.

The efficient design reduces bulk, footprint and weight meaning the laptop trolley is easier to use, takes less space and is easier to move around.

Do the Math(s):

Weight of Trolley + (No. Devices x Device Weight) = Total Overall Weight


Lapbank TL 10 weight 40kg + 10 devices at 2kg each = 60kg total fully loaded

Lapbank TL 16 weight 48kg + 16 devices at 2kg each = 80kg total fully loaded

Lapbank TL 20 weight 56kg + 20 devices at 2kg each = 96kg total fully loaded

Lapbank TL 32 weight 75kg + 32 devices at 2kg each = 139kg total fully loaded


* assume laptop/chromebook weight at 1.5 kg + transformer weight at 0.5 kg  = 2kg


Lapbank TL 10

Width 620mm
Depth 510mm
Height: 815mm

Weight Unladen: 40kg

Lapbank TL 16

Width 765mm
Depth 510mm
Height: 815mm

Weight Unladen: 48kg

Lapbank TL 20

Width 940mm
Depth 510mm
Height: 815mm

Weight Unladen: 56kg

Lapbank TL 32

Width 670mm
Depth 800mm
Height: 840mm

Weight Unladen: 75kg

Lightweight & Compact Laptop Trolleys

Lapbank TL 16 Charging Trolley

Easy to use

Access to every device and charging cable, all at the same height – no bending down

30–50% less bulk and less weight than previous models

Handle height is the same on all modelsno over reaching when moving

Low centre of gravity even with Lapbank TL 32 model – for additional safety

Cushioned compartments keep your devices protected

Designed to last

British designed and manufactured, built to the highest standards

Highly engineered, durable steel construction, built to last

Eco friendly smart venting eliminates heat build up with no energy hungry cooling fans needed

Removable charging compartment hatch for easy cabling

Easy wheel heavy duty individually lockable casters are durable

5 Year Mechanical and 3 Year Electrical RTB Warranty

Protecting users

Ultra safe charging system with multi-layered protection

Soft start, surge protection, anti-backwash and mains conditioning included as standard

Cable management is comprehensive and hides all charging cables from the laptop compartment

Individual transformer holders including individual cable management

Electrical Safety

When dealing with large numbers of electrical power supplies,
the combined effects of electricity are complex.

We integrate our unique, ultra safe electrical architecture into our laptop charging trolleys and cabinets.  This includes
Soft Start, Surge Suppression, Anti Backwash and Mains Conditioning to ensure electrical safety for all our users.

As standard, our laptop charging trolleys include a 30mA RCD plug.  If the charging cable is severed or damaged in any way, the RCD trips and cuts off power instantly to prevent a live trailing cable.

Our unique designed electrical safety system which has been used in the tens of thousands of laptop charging trolleys we have built and sold over the years, which ensures electrical safety when powering multiple laptops and devices.

There are many effects which need to be taken into account when charging multiple power transformers which charge individual laptops.  There are very dangerous consequences of not getting this right and our Ultra Safe Charging System is safety certified to the highest international standards for this exact job.  This is required by law.

The Soft Start slowly phases in the electrical charging for the power strips to prevent an exponential power load from tripping the electrical circuit.   The mains power to the laptop charging trolley then passes through our unique electrical safety system.

When a battery has not been used for a long time and is completely flat, it can momentarily require an amount of power which far exceeds the circuit rating.  This is often the case in laptops where they have been left over a holiday period, or they are laptops which are old and have discharged quickly.

Our integrated surge suppression prevents the demand from overloading and tripping the mains circuit.  The soft start then phases in the banks of power distribution to allow the short demand to be spread over several seconds, again to protect the mains circuit.

Once the laptop transformers are charging in the laptop trolley, their capacitors will be brimming with charge.  If at this point the mains plug is removed from the wall socket, the transformers which are holding the stored charge will then be able to send their capacitive charge back down the to the plug.  When a user then touches the live and neutral pins on the mains input plug, it will produce a dangerous electrical shock as multiple transformers discharge themselves to the user.

The Anti-Backwash eliminates this risk by instantaneously by switching the electrical discharge within the circuit instantly the mains plug is removed and safely discharging the current.

In order to ensure a consistent and stable electrical supply to the laptop transformers, ensuring safety and increasing laptop lifespan, we integrate our mains conditioner which removes any nasty electrical surprises when connected to the mains.


Lapbank® TL Security Docking Kit

Insurance advised, you can secure your Lapbank TL laptop charging trolley to the fabric of the building to prevent removal

Bolt the heavy duty steel skirting plates to the floor (and skirting if required)

Wheel the trolley up to the bracket and secure with twin 60mm brass padlocks

Fixings for concrete, timber, steel or brickwork included

Intelligent Laptop Charging

Simple to use smart power management

Reduces energy consumption and increases longevity of batteries

Smart charging manages devices with simple colour indication for Standby, Charging and Charged

Includes timers for weekend or Bank Holiday weekend

Incorporates safety cut out to prevent any laptop or device from overcharging

Data Transfer Kit

High Speed Data Transfer

Hard wired, integrated data transfer kit

Includes individual CAT 6 cable per compartment to plug into the device for fast and reliable data transfer

Data transfer speed up to 1000 Mbit/s

Used where multiple laptops require maintenance or transferral of large amounts of data

Dedicated RJ45 port integrated in the Lapbank TL trolley including 3m Cat 6 cable to connect laptop trolley to external LAN port

Proven Track Record

Over 10,000 Laptop trolleys and cabinets sold since 2000