Slotlox Security inc. 1.5m SNS cable & combination padlock

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Slotlox widget, 1.5m stopper notch stopper 3-5mm multi-strand stainless steel cable with 3 wheeled 30mm solid brass combination padlock.

1.5m stainless steel multi-strand cable.

Stopper notch stopper cable design allows multiple Slotlox to be used, creating a daisy chain for multiple product security.

3 Wheeled 30mm solid brass combination padlock for personal security.

Slotlox fits into the universal security slots found on most modern PC’s, laptops and monitors.

1.5m long 3mm multistrand steel cable with 2 mm outer plastic sheath.

3 wheeled 30mm solid brass combination padlock.

To be used in public spaces where opportunist theft is a problem. Low cost solution to secure multiple products using the universal security slot found in many products.

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