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The Mobile Magic Carpet is a brilliant, engaging app based product which creates an interactive floor, entertaining people and getting them actively involved.

It projects high brightness content and creates a fully interactive surface with no need for an installation.

The size of the projected image is variable from 1.2m wide x 0.9m deep to a massive 3.6m wide x 2.7m deep – 1m2 to almost 10m2.

At 4,000 lumens, the brightness levels are very effective.

The projected image could be on the floor, or by electrically raising the system, the image can be a patient in bed, a table, or wheelchair tray. It reacts instantly to movement on the surface, with cause and effect.

With 500 apps with 35 customisable app templates and 5,000 media assets, the opportunities for making your own content are virtually limitless. Pre-loaded apps include maths quizzes, calming sensory games, speed and dexterity challenges and many more.

With video compatibility, the Mobile Magic Carpet is a powerful branding and messaging tool.

Mobile Magic Carpet is designed for use in a wide variety of environments, including education, events, corporate and retail spaces.

The fully integrated system is available as a simple to use plug and play mobile system, allowing portability and sharing of this amazing interactive floor.

Users can share their creations via the online app store, where you can also acquire new activities.

The plug-and-play system is suitable for all ages and abilities, it responds to the slightest movement and as it supports multiple access methods, including gesture, eye gaze, mouse and touch, it supports national curriculum Early Years, Primary and SEN educational environments.

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 490 DEPTH × 460 WIDTH × 720 HEIGHT mm

Magic Carpet is packed full of great features making use a highly valuable resource in any environment.

500 Apps arranged into 25 easily navigable categories
35 Customisable App Templates
5000 Media Assets for making your own activities
Group Apps into personalised Collections
Intuitive and simple to master App Builder
Auto-play Schedules and Playlists
Control from iOS and Android Apps
Remote System Shutdown
Tobii Dynavox Eye Gaze compatibility

1 Year Return to Base Warranty.

Optional Service Level Agreements Available.

With the ability to create your own interactive content via the pre-loaded app templates, the Mobile Magic Carpet is suitable for many environments: Education, sensory applications, hospices and rehabilitation facilities, mainstream learning, commercial branding opportunities, retail space and live events.

From the simple maths quizzes to a game of football, fish swimming over your logo, video content or a mental dexterity challenge, the possibilities are endless.

Normally 3 weeks, built to order with colour options.

Please note: When ordering multiple items, delivery charges may change.