Projector Security Case – Extra Large with 50mm Pole Adapter – 600mm W x 552mm D x 250mm H

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High quality steel universal protective case for projectors with articulating steel socket to receive 50mm drop pole.

Projector adapter socket size is compatible with standard 50mm drop poles to fit Loxit’s drop poles or to retro-fit to existing mount kits.

Includes universal projector mount arms to mount projector inside the case.

Security screws allow the repositioning of the projector security bars to allow for projectors with different lens positions.

External dimensions of projector cage 600mm wide x 552mm deep x 250mm high.

Secured with security screws and includes provision for an optional padlock if further security is required.

Additional information

Weight 7.30 kg
Dimensions 600 DEPTH × 552 WIDTH × 250 HEIGHT mm

Extra large sized universal projector case provides high quality protection against vandalism and objects such as footballs, basketballs etc.

The 50mm ball jointed adapter enables the protective case to be fitted to 50mm drop poles.

Internal dimensions 595mm wide, 525mm deep, 220mm high.

Powder coated in white.

Security compatible design.

Perfect for places where projectors are used in multi-use spaces, such as halls, sports halls, houses of worship etc.

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