Heavy Duty Security Cable Kit 1.00m Long for Universal Projector Case

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Heavy duty projector security cable kit 1.00m long.

Secures to projector or projector case to building fabric (steel, timber, brick or concrete) with specialized heavy duty fixings.

Includes custom designed, high security, heavy duty steel, hasp and staple with additional security features.

Compatible with Ultra Short Throw Projector Wall Boom 8262, and Loxit’s range of universal projector cases.

Additional information

Weight 1.10 kg
Dimensions 11 DEPTH × 11 WIDTH × 850 HEIGHT mm

11mm multi-strand steel cable.

Heavy duty steel hasp and staple termination is custom designed for high security.

Heavy duty steel hasp and 11mm multi-strand steel cable cover the building fixings before the hasp and staple locked for double security, preventing removal of building fixings.

51mm high quality, brass shackless padlock provides end termination to building fabric.

Steel bosses provide effective and stylish cable anchors to projector case.

11mm multi-strand cable.

1.00m long cable (may be looped over and fixed into a joist through a suspended ceiling).

High quality custom designed stainless steel hasp and staple fittings.

Heavy duty building fixings can fix to steel, timber, brick or concrete.

51mm high quality, brass shackless padlock padlock.

2nr steel bosses to projector case.

For use where a projector or projector case is required to be secured to the building to provide security for the equipment.

The projector security cable kit attaches the projector or the projector case to the fabric of the building using the standard projector mount holes.

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