The thought that Loxit put into its designs, packaging and manuals was top class, and meant we were able to complete the 80 installations in less than half the time allowed.

This was a huge benefit for us, especially considering the pressure we were under.


Owen Teece

ICT Desktop Support Manager
Telford & Wrekin Council ICT Support Services

I have always been impressed with the excellent information and support we are offered by Loxit.

Coupled with that, a great product set and great quality

Jennifer Peattie

Office Manager

The Clinical IM&T Project Team at Stepping Hill Hospital are part of the Stockport NHS.

Foundation Trust chose Loxit of Poynton, to provide the storage and charging solution for handheld devices based on their proximity to the Trust and competitive rates.

We have found them to be most helpful and they have met all our requirements over the past 18 months.

They are very knowledgeable about their products and have been helpful with practical suggestions how to adapt their cabinets to our specific needs.

Their customer service delivers with a personal touch and we are very happy to recommend them to any organisation looking for device storage and/or charging.

Susan J Vidler

IM&T Project Nurse
Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport NHS

We love the stands that we received.  They are great quality and we are very pleased.  I will have another order in the next couple of months.  I have two large shows coming up and am excited to have the stands to show.

Melissa Jackson

Executive Director of Instructional Technology
Progressive Communications Inc.

The great thing about Loxit is they are a solutions based manufacturer, if you go to them with a challenging install, they are fantastic problem solvers and more than happy to make  bespoke solutions or retrofit existing products in their line.

They remind me of CDEC in their values and ethos, they put the customer at the heart of everything they do, with fantastic expertise and guidance delivered in a very personal approach.

This thought is echoed throughout CDEC from the installations team to sales, to admin who know they can count on Loxit to get it right and deliver a product and service that is of the highest quality.

Toni Barnett

Managing Director
CDEC Limited 

Bolton Schools ICT Unit have purchased 70 Loxit lapbanks of various sizes over the past 3 years and have always been very happy with the build quality, security, mobility, delivery speed, and functionality of the products.

I have seen the lapbanks used in classrooms and they are the perfect aid to classroom laptop use with regard to storage and convenience.

The previous laptop trolleys we bought from another company were twice the price and totally inflexible as, when a school bought some new laptops, they had to reconfigure the trolley at great cost.

The Loxit lapbanks can be used for many years by a school, no matter what the laptop model is. This is obviously very appealing to a school.

Also I have never heard of any Lapbank in a Bolton school being broken into and laptops stolen.

Loxit have always been very helpful with any pre or post-sales advice and always return my emails and phone calls.

Bolton Council

Operations Manager, Schools ICT Unit, Children's Services.

Dealing as we do with dozens of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors on a daily basis, it is perhaps a sad indictment on the industry that we have become accustomed to poor account management, even poorer communication, incompetence, misinformation and even outright dishonesty.

Loxit are one of the few companies that do not fall into any of these categories.

They produce fine products, all the staff are courteous and professional, we are given advance notification of stock issues and in over 12 years I don’t believe a single delivery has been sent incorrectly, arrived late or in the wrong place.

We as a company have no connection with Loxit other than as a (very) satisfied customer. Excellent products, good people, professional account management. Thank you.

Gareth Marshall

Executive Director
Pied Piper

We required a robust and easy-to-use TV lift solution in the building of our new facilities.

After searching around and not being satisfied with manual hydraulic lifts, we found Loxit.

The company was very accommodating and gave us plenty of technical information, and the installation for two people was quick and pain free.

We have used two Hi-Lo lifts in the creation of two different psychological testing rooms, where TVs are built into near-seamless moving walls and allow us to measure both infant and adult eye movements from sitting on the floor to standing.

The lifts were integral for creating laboratories worthy of research of international excellence.

Adam Roberts

Department of Experimental Psychology
Oxford University

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for yesterday.

That’s proper service.

Thank you for time, energy, patience and knowledge.

We solved what was a simple thing eventually, but until you calmly and assuredly took over, it was becoming a nightmare for the customer.


Thank you so much.

John Pearson


Presentation Media have been working with Loxit for almost 10 years now and have found the products to be of excellent quality.

The staff have always given us a quick and professional service with amazing support.

Often accommodating and are always open to new suggestions for product ideas.  Striving to provide the latest technology, improving audio visual requirements now and to last the future needs of our customers.

Julie Mooney

Presentation Media