Desk lecterns at the University of Manchester

How to to deliver the right technology, to the right place.

Within the learning environment of a university, this issue quickly becomes amplified, as it presents in each, and every, learning space across the campus.

Consistency is key

The ability to deliver a robust solution that is familiar to those who will use it, wherever they are on campus is an imperative. It’s all about the working environment, the place the lecturer sits to deliver, this is usually a desk or lectern.

The design challenge


The University of Manchester Media Services department had been searching for a solution to this issue for some time. Jamie Wright, explains:

“We struggled to find something that would have all the abilities that we wanted:-

• Electrically height adjustable

• The right size – which for us is shallower than a normal

• The ability to incorporate a 19” rack

• And it has to be customisable”.

“Thankfully when we came to Loxit, they managed to find a good solution.”

The development of a solution


After the first rollout, as part of our review process, it became apparent that there was a need to have a split vanity panel at the back of the desk lecterns. The addition of this split panel allows the university’s IT engineers to enter a room at any time, even mid-lecture, should a piece of equipment fail.

Jamie Wright adds: “Generally when it comes to AV support there’s only one technician available. Not having to remove the entire vanity panel is a game-changer, one person can take off the split section, just behind the rack and get to all the equipment. That has been really useful.”

“These desk lecterns have become part of our teaching standard. We have the same kit and the same layout in 85 of our centrally timetabled rooms, which is really useful for the lecturers because no matter where they are on campus, it’s the same equipment and the same layout”.

When lecturers come to use the equipment, not only the AV equipment but also the features of the desk itself, like the raise and lower, they know where everything is located. It has been incredibly useful for us to standardise with this product.

“In addition to providing comfort and access for wheelchair users, we’ve also found that the height adjustment has been very useful for some of our other users, such as our maths lecturers who want the desk to be raised quite high so they can use the visualizers.

Having these desks has made it easy for lecturers to be able to utilise things like the visualizer, without the associated problems of the past which has made a big difference.”

Continued support

Working together to further refine the solution

We have built a reputation for creating highly durable, class leading solutions. The Desk Lecterns had been delivering for over 5 years and the list of requirements had changed.

We work closely with our customers, regularly checking in, supporting them, when the university told us that they needed a new type of desk lectern, we went back to the team, listened to their experience and developed a…

Wish list

1) More equipment was needed more space within the rack.

2) With more equipment and a larger rack, there would be more heat created, which presents problems for the equipment. Prevent overheating?

3) The electric height adjustment had proved to be critically important, The Univeristy of Manchester wanted to keep this but were concerned about the additional weight of a larger rack and more equipment. What could be done to bolster the system?

4) A modular design is required, a solution that requires the minimum amount of construction on-site, saving time. Something that can be easily changed from left to right handed.

We felt confident that our products answered these needs and we would be able to help.

Can we get access to the whole rack? All 4 sides?
Yes all 4 of the protective panels that surround the rack can be removed. Each panel is securely locked into the frame of the desk. All 4 panels are keyed alike.

Could this upgrade be achieved quickly, with the minimum disruption?
Yes thanks to the design of the desk lectern.

· The rack unit is completely removable, allowing the time consuming rack build, test and configuration to be carried out a head of time.

· The desk has been designed for speed of installation – six modules that bolt together. Allowing the main structure to be assembled quickly. The pre-built rack is locked into place afterwards.

· The desk lectern is designed to be configured either left or right handed

· The design features internal cable management, preventing any cable snagging.

Electric height adjustment?
The new design includes electric height adjustment with anti-collision technology.

Personalised settings
The desk can be pre-set to your preferred height via remote control. There is also a visual height counter, allowing users to see and select the right height.


Colour options

Useful resources


Full details about the Command Desk Lectern can be viewed here.

The Command desk lectern is part of the Loxit AV Furniture range, download the brochure here.

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