Media Lectern and Mobile Screen Mount at the University of Bolton


The design challenge

Space is at a premium within every teaching space. The challenge from The University of Bolton was to create a compact lectern solution that could easily be connected to a mobile screen lift.

Ian Moth, IT/AV Team Support Leader explains, “We needed to bring all of our tech together in one place within the teaching space, preferably somewhere a lecturer can work as well.

Creating storage that delivers for multiple users

The biggest part of the challenge is to integrate all of the AV and IT equipment within a cabinet that has easy access for both technicians and teaching staff.

Want a simple and clear system that they can control with confidence, with a good amount of working space for documents and devices.

Want a solution where access to the racks and mounting system is quick, allowing them to get to the root of any issues quickly and efficiently.

Collaboration, knowledge sharing and best practice

Loxit and Universal AV Services worked with the team at the University of Bolton, exploring solutions, arriving at a winning double act – Control Media Lectern and Hi-Lo® Mono Mobile Screen Mount. Two products that work seamlessly together.

“The Control lectern accommodates all our needs.”

Ian Moth, IT/AV Support Team Leader explains further, “The Control fulfilled a lot of our criteria – compact, well-built and reliable”.

“A big part of that overall professional image is the custom CPH (control panel housing) and monitor arm, both of which have been built into the desktop.”

Ian continues, “The choice of colour – both body and desktop, was a nice touch that makes the finished products look smart and professional”.

Delivering a mobile screen lift solution that works for everyone

With over 25 years experience, we know that a shared screen resource needs to look smart, be quick and easy to set-up and above all, be reliable. Working with the team at Universal AV Services and the Univeristy of Bolton, we demonstrated why our Mono Screen Mount range could provide the perfect solution.

Hi-Lo® MonoMobile Screen Mount

It’s a really well engineered solution, that also looks smart. The single column design and the paint finishes…it exudes professionalism. Moving the Hi-Lo® Mono is easy, the mount is well balanced and can be moved with surprisingly little effort”.

Ian Moth


This combination (Hi-Lo® Mono and ControlMedia Lectern) is now used in 6 rooms within the Civil Engineering building on the main University of Bolton campus.

“The things we like are…

Good value

Short lead times

Well designed

Build quality

Excellent support

The lecturers find they have enough room for their teaching equipment. Having the control panel set within the desktop has also received a lot of positive feedback, everything feels more intuitive and the control is ‘to hand’.

Looking at this from the other side, the technicians, they are happy with the design of the Control lecterns.

The fully removable panels make their jobs a lot easier, they can quickly remove them, get access to the equipment, make the rectifications and have the whole unit back together and secure significantly quicker than our previous system”.

The Mono Mobile Screen Mount is great. It has proven how well a shared resource can work when it’s mounted on a trolley that is easy to use, quick to set-up and engineered to be robust. Everyone likes the look of the trolley too, it’s smart and looks very much ‘at home’ within the lecture spaces”. Ian Moth

Team work

“We have worked with Universal AV Services and Loxit for several years, the communication and support is second to none, as are the products.

The quality and attention to detail really make the Loxit products stand-out for us. They have well-considered designs that deliver a great user experience – for both the teaching and support side.

Continued development

We like the products and the support we receive is always first class, which is why we are planning to utilise this set-up for Lister Mill, Bradford Campus later this year”. Ian Moth IT/AV Team Leader

We would like to thank Universal AV Services and the University of Bolton for their input and support developing this case study.