Media Player VESA Adapter Kit

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VESA Media Player Adapter Kit to allow mounting media players or their protective clamps behind screens with standard VESA pattern.

Allows a media player clamp to be mounted to the rear of a screen with mount brackets, able to be sandwiched between the screen mount hanger and the screen itself.

The Media Player VESA Adapter Kit allows for a neat installation with hole patterns spaced between 150mm and 500mm long in 25mm increments to provide plenty of opportunity to mount in the desired position.

Additional information

Weight 0.80 kg
Dimensions 36 DEPTH × 202 WIDTH × 520 HEIGHT mm

The Media Player VESA Adapter Kit includes patterns of holes to sandwich between the screen mount bracket and the screen.

The 25mm increments allows the perfect positioning of the media player or a protective clamp to the rear of a screen.

The Solstice Pod allows multiple users to simultaneously share media to a room display using their laptops and mobile devices over a WiFi or Ethernet network.

The ideal location for mounting these clever devices is behind the screen.

The Solstice Pod VESA Adapter Kit allows the Solstice Pod High Security Clamp to be mounted securely and discretely using the screen’s own VESA mounts.

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