Laptop Chromebook and Tablet Charging

Laptop, Chromebook and Tablet Charging

Laptop and Chromebook charging and security

The size and versatility of laptops allows us to work, and learn,
from almost anywhere. But managing volumes of these highly
flexible resources can be challenging and require specialist safety considerations.

Loxit has been securely ‘locking I.T’ devices since 2000 –
we know and understand the demands of this space.
Our solutions are designed to accommodate all makes and models
of laptops and Chromebooks in our mobile laptop trolleys
and fixed static laptop cabinets.
Available in a range of sizes with charging options and security
features that will ensure the safety and usability of your laptops.

Laptop adn Mobile Devices Storage and Charging

Laptop locks

High quality, cost effective laptop security solutions for individual laptops and chromebooks which have a laptop lock slot.

From Loxit’s widely used standard laptop locks to our unique Slotlox design which allows devices to be daisy chained for a cost effective solution.

We have all the laptop lock options available – keyed alike, keyed to differ and master keyed laptop locks are available.

iPad and tablet storage,
charging and security

Tablet devices are arguably the most versatile devices, allowing us
to work, and learn from almost anywhere. But managing volumes
of these resources can be a challenge.

Our knowledge of tablet and iPad storage requirements is vast.
All of our products are designed to universal, allowing you to swap out
and replace your tablets and mobile devices with minimal fuss.
Our solutions include mobile trolleys, office style furniture storage,
slimline storage for corridors and tight spaces and other fixed position solutions.
Our range covers all the popular sizes/volumes from 8 – 60 devices.

We offer both USB A and C charging in addition to USB A Sync & Charge options.
All backed up with high quality security features, such as welded steel and
ASSA locks, that ensure the safety and usability of your tablets.

Stand alone solutions

All the great functions of our products in small, adaptable units that you can integrate into your existing security and charging systems.

The range covers everything from simple multi point charging units to remote Sync & Charge management across an entire campus. There’s something for everyone, depending on what you need, the space that you’ve got and the level of technology you require…

iPad and tablet accessories

Understated and elegant, our solutions are designed to compliment the technologies they secure and protect.

Tablets are an integral part of daily life, but using them in a comfortable position can be challenging.
Users can easily become uncomfortable over the screen creating posture and neck problems.
Our products provide the perfect angle for viewing to prevent over extension and bad posture when using the device.