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Loxit's SMART KAPP Board Stands for 42" & 84"

The new 42″ and 84″ KAPP Boards form SMART Technologies look set to revolutionise the way we note take during training and presentation sessions.  Bridging analogue and digital technologies, giving the user the best of both worlds.

Freedom, speed and personal style feature with the traditional dry wipe marker, whilst the clever concept of digital capture allows more learning and less note taking.

Loxit have created a range of stands to mount these new KAPP boards, with the 42″ portrait and 84″ landscape options.

The 42″ KAPP Board Stand comes in Fixed or Mobile versions and incorporates clean lines with stylish design to compliment any environment.

Its small footprint allows easy transportation of the KAPP Board between rooms.

Loxit SMART KAPP Trolley
Construction is robust steel yet smooth with a durable base, twin wheeled individually locking casters with rubberised wheels for a smooth ride.

Cable routing if required is handled by discrete cable routing to the rear.

Mount positions on the 42″ KAPP Stands can be varied depending on the maximum overall height required. 4 positions in 100mm increments provide flexible mounting positions.

Max Top of Screen – 2100mm
Minimum Top Of Screen – 1700mm

Warranty is 5 Years Return To Base.

The 84″ SMART KAPP Board also comes with 2 options.  The 84″ Fixed Height KAPP Stand is a single column design in the same style as the 42″ KAPP Stand.  The 84″ version comes with 500mm of height adjustment.

Whilst convenient if located only in one location, those users wishing to transport the 84″ SMART KAPP Board through doorways, either for storage or for sharing, might prefer the electrically operated version.

This allows the top of the large 84″ KAPP Board to drop to a heigh low enough to pass through a doorway whilst at the same time being able to raise to the perfect height once in position, ready for use.

Please contact Loxit for more details.

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