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Screen Mounts

Screen Mounts Product Range

Screen Wall Mounts

Technical overview – Suitable for screens up to 130kg, 800x600mm VESA

Wall screen mounts for touch screens, large format, multi-screen displays and digital signage. The range is complimented by useful accessories, featuring soundbar mounts, video conferencing options and micro-PC integration.

Screen Wall Mounts are all about accessibility with both fixed height and electric height adjustable products.

Wall to Floor Screen Mounts

Technical overview – Suitable for screens up to 130kg, 800x600mm VESA

Designed to carry the weight of the screen from the floor, significantly reducing the load on the wall. Our range features fixed height, slimline and heavy-duty options with the added benefits of electric height adjustment being available across the range.

Our products are complimented by useful accessories such as soundbar mounts, video conferencing options and micro-PC integration.

Mobile Screen Mounts

Technical overview – Suitable for screens up to 130kg, 800x600mm VESA

Taking screen mount solutions to new levels, our trolley-based solutions provide incredible flexibility, allowing you to relocate the screen quickly and easy, great in shared resource environments.

They are available as fixed height and electric height adjustable solutions. This range also benefits from a range of accessories including sound bar mounts, video conferencing options and micro-PC integration.

Free Standing Screen Mounts

Technical overview – Suitable for screens up to 130kg, 800x600mm VESA

Free standing screen mounts deliver touch screens, large format and digital signage solutions with style and sophistication. The range is complimented by useful accessories, featuring sound bar mounts, video conferencing options and micro-PC integration.

Like all our products, the Free Standing Screen mounts are all about accessibility with both fixed height and electric height adjustable options available.

Touch Screen Table & Flip Top® Mounts

Technical overview – Suitable for screens up to 100kg, 600x400mm VESA

This range takes interactive screens to the next level. These mounts electronically raise, lower and rotate the screen, transforming it from a touch screen table into an interactive easel and onwards into the vertical position as a ‘standard’ presentation stand.

These products are widely used across education, healthcare, exhibition and within digital signage as well as SEN settings.

The range is complimented by useful accessories, featuring laptop and micro-PC integration.

Video Wall Mounts

Technical overview – Suitable for screens up to 100kg, 800x600mm VESA

Video walls are incredibly versatile, with applications across all sizes from a couple of recessed panels right through to multi-screen, large scale installations.

Our Pop-It system makes it easy to install, maintain and use any size and configuration of screens, accommodating screen sizes from 50 to 55”, with 8 planes of adjustment providing ultra-fine tolerances.

The range includes mobile and fixed position solutions.

Screen Mount Accessories

Explore the wide range of accessories for the screen mount ranges.

Accessorize your screen mounts with soundbar mounts, video conference mounts and shelves, small format PC clamps, AV and PC shelves, anti-crush accessories for electric screen mounts etc.

Projector & IWB

Our Projector and Interactive Whiteboard Products

Interactive Whiteboard Mounts

Electric whiteboard stands and mounts with patented technology that holds boards up to 105″ and projectors with up to 1500mm throw.

Electric height adjustment for easy access, we offer wall, floor and mobile trolley mounted solutions.

Projector Cages, Ceiling and Wall Mounts

Our range of products for projectors covers all your needs, including accessory and security requirements.

Projector cages, ceiling mounts and adjustable wall mounts.

Interactive Learning Systems

Interactive Learning Systems

Magic Carpet Mobile Interactive Projection System

Explore new worlds, create stunning interactive visuals and games
within minutes. The Magic Carpet technologies quickly create
immersive environments that stimulate all the senses.

High brightness content is projected onto any surface, creating a fully interactive space. This could be the floor, a patient’s bad, a table or
wheelchair tray. Interactions come from touch and movement gestures including eye gaze.

The Magic Carpet uses audio effects, real-time game play and interaction
to create engaging therapy, inclusive gaming, expression and learning.

Magic Mirror Mobile Interactive Projection System

A revolutionary, movement controlled, interactive projection system.
The interactions are controlled by your body – gestures and movements
from any part of the body, including the eyes – control your experience.
Input can also come from touch and conventional control panels.

The Magic Mirror uses audio effects, real-time game play and interaction
to encourage movement, engaging therapy, expression and learning.
The system is designed to allow multi-person participation, with intuitive avatar and game making features that allow you to create unique
experiences in minutes.

Record and download the activity, analyse interactions and monitor
progress. The Magic Mirror provides ground-breaking AR interaction for
users of all ages and abilities.

You think BIG!
So do we!

Screens are getting BIGGER and so is our ScreenLift750 range of mounts.

The screen size is just the beginning, we combine integrated technology and the on-board accessories to deliver a multimedia installation that’s perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Our HI-LO® Screenlift 750 range is designed specifically as a large format, professional screen mount solution. Safely carrying the weight of large and heavy screens (130kg/86”) effortlessly moving them through 750mm of travel.

The HI-LO® Screenlift 750 range includes engineered wall, floor and mobile mounts.

BIG thinking.
BIG impact.
BIG choice and the BEST support.

Mobile Magic Mirror

Mobile Magic Mirror is packed full of great features making use a highly valuable resource in any environment.

The Magic Mirror is a revolutionary movement controlled interactive wall projection system that can be activated by any part of the body, including the eyes!

Imagine looking in a mirror and seeing stars all around you, which then change colour and play sounds as you interact with them – that is essentially what the Magic Mirror is about.

It uses augmented reality technology along with original content to offer ground-breaking AR interaction for all ages and abilities.

A simple flick of a finger can trigger any number of audiovisual events, from a musical note or sound to a fully interactive visual scenario.


Responds to the slightest movement


30 Interactive Settings


Hugely Customisable


Multi-user recognition – supports group interaction!


Interactive Musical Instrument


New Login Area for Magic Mirror Users


Training provided with remote support

New Hi-Lo Mono Large Format Display Lift for Corporate and Education.

Our latest addition to the Hi-Lo range of electric height adjustable display lifts is a single column design, packed with great features.

The Hi-Lo Mono fits into our range by providing a sleek and very compact mount which is at home in the boardroom as much as the classroom.  The Hi-Lo Mono comes in two different versions, Free Standing Floor Mount and the Mobile Trolley.

Suitable for large format screens and displays up to 70″ and 120kg, the Hi-Lo Mono’s elegant design belies it’s huge lifting capacity.  Standard screen mount brackets suit VESA patterns from 200 – 800mm wide and 200 – 440mm high.  Optional mount brackets may be purchased for displays with VESA patterns from 200 – 800mm wide and  200 – 600mm high.

The elegant single column is extremely stiff and provides a very stable mount for large format screens.  The Mobile version couples this with four high quality lockable casters providing a very stable base, making the Hi-Lo Mono perfect for use with touch screens.

The Hi-Lo Mono includes as standard, an integrated 4 way power bar.  This provides plenty of power for the screen and integrated peripherals.  A cover plate hides away all the wiring for a neat and professional installation, whilst at the same time keeping unwanted fingers out of the electrical compartment.

Integrated 4 way power with single external switched and fused mains inlet.


Hi-Lo Mono Trolley in lowered position  

8425-1Equally at home positioned tight to the wall, the neatly installed cable management also enables the Hi-Lo Mono to free stand in a room making it perfect for digital signage and touch screen applications.

Hi-Lo Mono Display Trolley Lift.

Both models are in stock, please contact us for more details.  +44 (0)1625 856 801 or

Loxit's SMART KAPP Board Stands for 42" & 84"

The new 42″ and 84″ KAPP Boards form SMART Technologies look set to revolutionise the way we note take during training and presentation sessions.  Bridging analogue and digital technologies, giving the user the best of both worlds.

Freedom, speed and personal style feature with the traditional dry wipe marker, whilst the clever concept of digital capture allows more learning and less note taking.

Loxit have created a range of stands to mount these new KAPP boards, with the 42″ portrait and 84″ landscape options.

The 42″ KAPP Board Stand comes in Fixed or Mobile versions and incorporates clean lines with stylish design to compliment any environment.

Its small footprint allows easy transportation of the KAPP Board between rooms.

Loxit SMART KAPP Trolley
Construction is robust steel yet smooth with a durable base, twin wheeled individually locking casters with rubberised wheels for a smooth ride.

Cable routing if required is handled by discrete cable routing to the rear.

Mount positions on the 42″ KAPP Stands can be varied depending on the maximum overall height required. 4 positions in 100mm increments provide flexible mounting positions.

Max Top of Screen – 2100mm
Minimum Top Of Screen – 1700mm

Warranty is 5 Years Return To Base.

The 84″ SMART KAPP Board also comes with 2 options.  The 84″ Fixed Height KAPP Stand is a single column design in the same style as the 42″ KAPP Stand.  The 84″ version comes with 500mm of height adjustment.

Whilst convenient if located only in one location, those users wishing to transport the 84″ SMART KAPP Board through doorways, either for storage or for sharing, might prefer the electrically operated version.

This allows the top of the large 84″ KAPP Board to drop to a heigh low enough to pass through a doorway whilst at the same time being able to raise to the perfect height once in position, ready for use.

Please contact Loxit for more details.

+44(0) 1625 856 801

+44(0) 845 519 5191

Screenlift for SmartBoard E70

The Loxit Screenlift 750 is a highly flexible electric wall mount for LED/LCD and digital signage for screens up to 120kg.  

Suitable for learning in all stages from nursery/pre-school, primary, secondary and further education environments, in addition to corporate and digital signage applications in general.

Screenlift 750 electric LED/LCD Wall Mount with SmartBoard E70 in lowered position.

Screenlift 750 electric LED/LCD Wall Mount with SmartBoard E70 in lowered position.

Not only does it have 750mm of electric height adjustment, which allows users of all heights access to the screens, but it comes with an easy install kit as standard.

This makes for a quick, solid and perfect installation every time.

A reliable motor set coupled with discrete wall mount brackets (in white to blend in with light wall colours) make for a really neat solution which allows the technology to really stand out.  You will get more use by more people if you have the ability for all users to access the screens.

The large range of accessories caters for just about any application possible:

100mm deep wall brackets, Laptop shelves, speaker shelves, video conference shelves, extension legs to convert to a floor based lift, screen security kit, PC case, mac mini security clamp, Apple TV security clamp, AV shelf, anti crush bar, screen stabilization kits for large touch screens with narrow VESA mounts – all options for the Screenlift 750 range of electric wall mounts.

Universal screen brackets cater for just about any screen, but if you are nervous, just ask.

We have the knowledge and experience to check for you and ensure a faultless installation every time.

Screenlift 750 electric LED/LCD Wall Mount with SmartBoard E70 in raised position.

Screenlift 750 electric LED/LCD Wall Mount with SmartBoard E70 in raised position.

The Future's Bright! New Lapbank Laptop Charging Trolley Colour Range.

Loxit are delighted to announce the introduction of a new range of colours for their Lapbank High Security Laptop Charging Trolley Range.

Originally available in matt grey, the Lapbank Laptop Charging Trolleys have proven to look great even after years of use and grey is definitely the right choice of colour where portable equipment is likely to become scratched over time.

To brighten up your day (and help differentiate between multiple trolleys!) we have introduced a new range of colours for the doors to the laptop compartments.

On the 4 door versions – 16, 20, 24 and 30 compartment laptop charging trolleys, the front and rear doors have the option of colours.

For the 2 door versions – 8, 10, 12, mini 16, mini 20, mini 24 & mini 32 the front compartment door will have the option.

Please contact us for further details or +44(0)845 519 5191.

trolley montage

Storage Solutions for Tablets

Tablet devices are not as durable as laptop computers. You can close a laptop to protect the screen and then tuck it away in a padded laptop case to further protect it.

However tablets can be a bit more difficult to store. Their screens are always exposed and their slim design means there’s not much material between the outside world and the internal workings of the tablet device.

If you’re a company or school that has multiple tablets for employees or students to use then that can pose further storage problems. Here are some of the best ways to store your tablet devices and keep them safe:

Single Tablets

If you just have one tablet device to store then it’s fairly simple. A hard-backed or silicone cover can help to protect the casing of your tablet device, and a screen protector will help to prevent the screen from getting scratched during transit or use.

A neoprene case will help to further protect your iPad or other tablet device during transit as the tablet will be completely cocooned and cushioned in its case.

To protect your tablet during use it’s advisable to use it with a stand that will keep it steady and go some way to prevent it being knocked or dropped.

Multiple Tablets

If you have multiple tablets to transport and store then you’ll need a specially designed storage facility.

Here at Loxit we supply a wide variety of secure tablet storage carts including the TabCart and Lapbank iPad and tablet management and security trolleys which not only store your iPads and tablets but also charges them as well.

This is an ideal storage solution for use in schools and workplaces as you can keep your devices safe and secure and they’ll all be fully charged when you come to use them.

These storage carts are lightweight and have lockable casters so that they can be wheeled around the school or workplace easily and secured in place when not in transit.

iPad Shortcuts and Tips

  • Apple released their first iPad in 2010 and since then they have sold more than 67 million units of the first, second and third generation models. What makes owning an iPad more favourable than owning a laptop computer? They are much easier to transport making them the ideal device for those who are always on the go, and there are a number of shortcuts that can help make life easier:
  • Typing Shortcuts – There are a variety of typing shortcuts designed to make things easier while typing a document:

    • Automatic spelling corrector function – there’s no need to type apostrophes, eg type ‘wont’ and it will auto-correct to ‘won’t’ etc.
    • At the end of a sentence simply tap space bar twice and the iPad will automatically input a full stop, space, and start the next word with a capital letter.
    • To place an accent above a letter simply tap and hold the letter on the keyboard then select the accent.
    • Instead of flicking from alpha to numerical keyboard to add punctuation just press and hold the ‘123’ key, and without lifting your finger off the screen slide over to the key you want and let go. Your punctuation will be inserted and the keyboard will revert back to alpha.
    • If you can’t find the right shortcut that you need, iPad lets you create your own shortcut via the settings menu under keyboard settings.

    Open Safari links in a new page – Rather than just tapping a link, press and hold it then select ‘open in new page’. There’s an icon at the top of the browser that looks like 2 boxes overlapping, pressing this icon will show you all of the pages that are currently open and give you the option to close them.

    Mute the volume quickly – The iPad doesn’t actually have a mute option, but by pressing and holding the ‘volume down’ button you can drop the volume down to zero in 2 seconds.

    Tap a word to look up the definition – When reading an article on the web, if you come across a word and you’re unsure of the meaning, just tap and hold the word until a magnifying glass pops up, lift your finger and a menu will pop up giving you the option to copy to clipboard or define the text.

    Put extra apps on the dock – The iPad dock has 4 apps as standard, but you can actually fit 6 there. To do this simply press and hold the app you want until it wiggles, then drag and drop it onto the dock to make sure your most used apps are easily accessible.

    Download the iPad User Guide – The official iPad User Guide is available as a free eBook in the app store. With 153 pages packed full of useful tips and help to get the best out of your iPad.

    The Importance of iPad Security

     An iPad could set you back around £400 to £700 so it’s something that you’ll want to look after and get the best from it. Here are a few tips to help you keep you iPad safe and secure from various threats:

    • Don’t leave it unattended – Hopefully this one should be common sense; if you leave your iPad unattended you leave it open to theft. Your iPad contains a lot of your personal information which could easily be compromised if left unattended. If left lying around the device could get damaged, knocked off the table or worktop, and trodden on.
    • Keep it covered – Use a screen protect to prevent scratches and dents and also keep the screen clean. It’s also worth investing in a silicone cover too as these improve your grip on the iPad, reducing the risk of dropping it; and if you do drop it, the cover provides some protection against damage.
    • Install updates regularly – It’s advisable to install updates when they pop up rather than clicking ‘install later’. Apple issue regular software updates that fix various bugs and glitches and improve battery life etc so make sure you keep up to date.
    • Prevent unauthorised access – It’s advisable to set up your iPad so that it automatically locks itself after a predefined period of inactivity and will require a specific pass-code to unlock. For added security ensure you restrict the amount of people who know the code and change it regularly.
    • Encrypt your data – The iPad offers a 256 bit AES encoding procedure. This is a hardware-based encryption which is turned on by default and cannot be disabled by users. However it’s recommended that you also use another form of encryption for maximum security.
    • Back up your data – With any computer device there is always the chance of technical failure as well as loss or theft of the device so it’s vital to backup your important data. Regularly.
    • Use a secure Wifi connection – The iPad’s unique selling point has always been its portability. You can connect to the internet via Wifi almost anywhere these days. However it’s highly advisable to connect to a trusted, secure network to ensure that any data you send is not intercepted. Try to turn off Wifi and Bluetooth when not in use; this will prolong your battery life and stop your iPad from attempting to connect to any unsecured networks.

    Teachmeet Newport

    We had the fortune of meeting some really inspiring teachers this week when we hosted Teachmeet Newport at Panasonic System Networks at Duffryn nr Newport.

    What’s a TeachMeet?

    It’s an informal and enjoyable gathering of those curious about and involved in teaching and learning. Anyone can share great ideas they’ve trialled in their classrooms, ask questions or simply turn up and soak up all the great ideas and enthusiasm. In particular, this Teach Meet focused on Technology in Education and participants were encouraged to share ideas, experiences and practices.

    The main part of the TeachMeet is hearing stories about learning, from teachers and other education professionals. This is a chance for education professionals to hear ideas from each other, a chance to hear real narratives of practice that makes a difference. It is about being engaged and inspired by our colleagues and gaining a whole bucket load of networking to boot!

    It’s a chance to learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused.

    Teachmeets are informal gatherings of those curious about teaching and learning. Anyone can share great ideas they’ve trialled in their classrooms, or on placement, ask important questions or simply sign up to take part in conversations about learning. This is not an event to present about a product or theory – this is a chance for teachers, and others working in classrooms, to share good practice.  TeachMeet is about engaging and inspiring and making connections with other educators.

    Presentations are either 3 or 5 minutes in length with names drawn out of a hat, these short sharp sessions are designed to focus minds and be clear and concise. They may focus on certain applications or specific approaches to subjects or practices and most importantly inspire people to use them in their own day to day lives.


    Why access control for mobile device storage could be your best friend.

    Educational institutions have a long list of priorities to manage with Security near the top. Security requirements cover people and premises as well as data and not forgetting resources. When it comes to security for both site and students, Schools, colleges and Universities have a range of access control solutions at their disposal, using a comprehensive range of readers, controllers and software systems.

    The management and control needs of educational establishments are such that they are increasingly using sophisticated database systems to capture and analyse a broad range of information – including, for example, attendance records and academic performance. Information systems such as these form an integral part of timetable planning and the development and review of the curriculum, as well as providing a link to budgetary and financial management packages.  The information allows school managers to review, analyse and report on a wide range of data for staff and pupils.

    In addition to these operational management and financial analysis requirements, schools are increasingly reviewing their access control needs and looking to integrate and, where appropriate rationalise, their often disparate systems – either by introducing new modules into an existing system, or by consolidating previously standalone processes and procedures.

    With this complexity comes a requirement for a specific expertise in the integration of access control solutions with proprietary management information systems.

    The ideal is one solution that will streamline access control, time and attendance, student accounts as well as monitoring and managing access to resources. And all this whilst maintaining a high level of security, throughout an institution.

    Each school features its own set of ever-changing idiosyncrasies and unique challenges requiring flexible system architectures to satisfy each site’s demands.  With administration departments constantly seeking other creative ways to leverage current infrastructures, the academic services industry serve their identification needs by providing unique solutions to help educational institutions secure facilities and improve administrative efficiency to aid in academic excellence. With educational institutions worldwide seeing a significant influx of mobile devices for access by staff, pupils and visitors the administrative burden of managing a significant estate of mobile devices can be further complicated by various means of access. This is often compounded by the fact that these device estates have been added to over a matter of years.

    Colleges and universities present unique security challenges; not only does it mean controlling physical access to buildings and events but also includes logical access to resources, at the same time trying to control operational costs and serving the diverse needs of a campus community.

    Managed access to educational resources, reducing administrative complexity.

    With many establishments looking to industry to help support them administer managed access to resources, this is when access control can improve managed access to educational resources and reduce administrative complexity.

    In a college with several different faculties or a secondary school with several different subject departments managing access to mobile devices for each department can be an administrative burden. Whether this is existing device storage solutions or incorporating new solutions into an existing access control system, administration departments expect usage and access data and provision for remotely revised access.

    With the increasing security threats among educational institutions coupled with diminishing budgets and intense pressure to cut costs across all levels and departments. Colleges and universities, as well as schools and academies, must contemplate how to keep their sites, pupils and resources safe without breaking the bank. All of which can be easily achieved with the use of brand agnostic hardware, easily integrated into existing management information systems providing security and usage information data whilst offering easy to use access control management.

    Loxit launches it's PortableAV Flight Case bundles

    Loxit recognises the role Portable AV solutions has in today’s world, the flexibility portable solutions offers address many issues facing the audio-visual market. The latest addition to our range are Flight cases for two of our most popular Mobile LFD mount solutions, with the mounts secured firmly inside the flight case themselves you can leave the displays on the trolley safe in the knowledge that the flight case will protect the whole solution when in transit between venues and at the same time reduce setup time to just minutes by just one person rather than hours with two people.

    Flight cases provide on the road protection for your valuable equipment. Our flight cases are tough, rugged and built to last. Designed using the latest CAD technology and manufactured using high quality materials, ensuring the safe transportation and storage of delicate items.

    Bespoke flight cases can be designed and custom built to your exact specification. A range of features such as doors and hatches, lift out trays and pull out drawers, rack mount fittings, castors are available

    Hi-Lo® 500 Flip Top™ Display Mount & Flight case 55” Bundle.


    Hi-Lo® 500 Flip Top™ – 8515

    Portable, height adjustable screen mount which allows screens up to 55 inches or 60kg to be mounted in a variety of positions, with an electrical height adjustment of 500mm and an electrical tilt operation of 90 degrees from table top to vertical.

    Flight Case 1381 x 851 x 885

    9mm Hexaboard, Lined with Carpet, recessed butterfly Catches & handles 4 x 4” castors ( 2 with brakes )


    8521 – Hi-Lo® 500 Flip Top™ Display Lift Base Cover

    PLEASE NOTE: The trolley will be mounted into the flight case with the casters supplied separately.

    Hi-Lo® Mobile 2×2 Video Wall up to 47” Flight case Bundle

    8750 – Hi-Lo® Mobile 2×2 Video Wall Fixed Height

    8760 – Hi-Lo® Mobile 2×2 Video Wall Electric Height adjustable

    Bundle includes 2 trolleys with brackets to bind together along with extra-long plasma hanging brackets

    Hi-Lo® Mobile 2×2 Video Wall Flight Case x 2 – 1250 x 820 x 1625 W x D x H

    9mm Hexaboard – Lined with Carpet – Recessed butterfly catches & handles – 4x 4” castors ( 2 with brakes )


    8771 – Hi-Lo® Screenlift Multi-Mount Peripheral Box

    8770 – Hi-Lo® Screenlift Multi-Mount Modesty Base (x2)

    PLEASE NOTE: The trolleys will be mounted into the flight case with the casters supplied separately

    Loxit Hi-Lo® Multimount All in one Mobile lift – “Helping bring your vision to life”

    Image experience is critical when it comes to video walls, whether it’s a Command and Control room’s mission critical video wall or for use in security, broadcast, traffic and transportation, utilities, emergency operations centres or corporate environments. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of environments like the military, public utilities and security agencies and manufactured as modular components. Each of the major pieces of the video wall mount is a sub assembly that can be quickly and easily removed and replaced. Compatible with a wide variety of components and technology platforms it can be integrated quickly and easily with the most popular multi-image processors, networking technology, content management systems, and specialised software and audio-visual equipment.

    Due to the versatility of Audio Visual communications, flexibility is becoming an increasingly important factor. Designed with our technology partner Panasonic Loxit have created a flexible mount solution and our modular approach has meant one solution offers you a truly “all in one” product.

    Loxit’s universal approach helps remove the guesswork from component setup and configuration, and supports small and large-scale installations enabling you to quickly build a configuration to suit your needs. Compatible with a multitude of component manufacturers ensuring you can leverage the best technology for each application and integrate leading third-party products helping you offer solutions that work together.

    For use in……..

    • Hospitality
    • Retail
    • Education
    • MOD
    • Healthcare
    • Emergency Operations Centre
    • Transportation Hub
    • Energy
    • Government
    • Command + Control
    • Security
    • Broadcast

    For use by….

    • Stand Contractors and Design Agencies
    • Exhibition Organisers
    • Exhibitors
    • Event and Production companies
    • Conference Organisers
    • Rental companies

    Key features

    • Electrically operated screen lift suitable up to 60 inches, max. 100kg
    • Universal mounts suit virtually all makes of screen
    • 750mm stroke enables exact screen positioning and adjustableImage configuration
    • Ideal for touch screens/digital signage/video conferencing
    • Wheelchair compatible design
    • Robust steel construction
    • 12 month return to base warranty

    BETT and ISE 2012 review

    Loxit recently returned from exhibiting at #ISE2012 (Integrated systems Europe) at the RAI centre in Amsterdam and #BETT2012 (British Educational Training and Technology Show) at Olympia in London, both of which were very rewarding shows for many reasons. For any business the level of investment to attend such shows is significant and for a business the size of Loxit they represent one of,  if not the largest portion of our marketing expenditure.

    There are of course several reasons for exhibiting and attending these types of shows, and this is at the forefront of our minds when both planning and during our time on the stand. There are two main product lines to our business one being “IT security” products and the second being “Audio Visual” mount solutions. Although it has to be said that products from each are applicable to both product lines. None more so than both our iPad (Tablet) charge and sync storage solution and our Hi-Lo® 500 Flip Top™ DisplayLift which we demonstrated at ISE and BETT.

    What was very clear is that Loxit has two products in particular which received significant interest and more importantly investment from throughout the world, we had conversations with end users and integrators alike from many different countries about the integration of tablet devices and Interactive large format displays into the #work, #learn and #public environments.

    This was echoed by the plethora of major brands introducing the latest tablet and interactive large format displays at both shows, one of which was #Samsung with the Microsoft #Surface #sur40 (on several stands at both shows) and the #galaxytab. Along with of course the #apple #ipad

    Our Lapbank iPad charge and sync solution was extremely well received at both shows, we knew of course there is a market for this type of product as we wouldn’t have invested the time and money in making the product in the first place. But I have to say what did come as somewhat of a surprise, was the interest from BETT, during a time of shrinking budgets there was evidence that schools with the necessary budget are already clearly seeing educational benefits and outcomes. Which in turn we are told is helping justify the sometimes significant investment tablet products require to other schools. And furthermore it’s clear this investment is not only coming from the schools themselves but from parents too. Shown by some of the BYOD “bring your own device” initiatives advertised and discussed at BETT this year. At ISE the product was of no less interest with some visitors who are providing tablets to aid both customers and its own employees, surprised that such a product even existed.  The most interesting conversations came from such reactions with people seeing the product as a catalyst to discuss BYOD initiatives with end users and their colleagues.

    Our  Hi-Lo® 500 Flip Top™ Display Lift which was designed specifically for use with #multitouch interactive large format displays, also saw significant interest from visitors from around the world. With so many display manufacturers including the likes of #samsung #LG and #Panasonic, as well as a large number of independent solutions providers releasing a raft of interactive large format displays at both shows. To say our flip top was well received is somewhat of an understatement, with us even selling the Flip Top trolley we had on our stand at #ISE2012 to a fellow exhibitor from Scandinavia. Further testament I feel to both the reception our own product receives along with its potential worldwide, as well as the explosion in the #multitouch #interactive media market.

    Introducing the first product in our iPad/tablet Charge and Sync range

    Charge. Sync. Secure

    The recent BETT education show saw the unveiling of the first in our range of tablet, security charge and sync solutions.

    The Lapbank iPad Trolley provides market leading high security storage with simple and efficient full power charge/sync for iPads at each USB port, the Lapbank iPad Trolley is the perfect iPad mobile management solution.

    Connect the USB to your host computer and synchronize your iPads with their iTunes account, once this is complete disconnect the USB and start charging with Loxit’s Intelligent Charge System. The iPad Intelligent Charge System manages the power requirements and includes a charge status indicator which is simple and intuitive to use. With state of the art technology packed into this high security iPad trolley, the usability and management of iPads could not be easier.

    Choosing the right Projector mount

    You are investing in an expensive projector system and it’s important for you to consider the issue of mounting this equipment carefully. The mount will impact on the effectiveness of the projector and also its security and safety.  There are a number of different types of mounts available and you will need to select the right mount for your equipment and projection requirements.


    When you are mounting your projector it is important to consider ventilation.  Projector equipment can give off a lot of heat and this is the reason they have integral cooling fans. However if you mount your projector system in a confined area then the cooling fan will no longer be sufficient and your equipment can overheat.  Projectors can be expensive to repair so you do need to choose the right mount and positioning for your equipment.


    You will need to carefully check the design of your mount.  If brackets or parts are blocking the fan outlet you could overheat your projector even when you have taken care to mount it in a well ventilated area.  Mounts with large flat plate designs can trap heat close to the projector.  Frame and lattice designs allow the heat to dissipate more effectively.

    Frame Material

    Steel mounts are strong and durable but this metal is not an efficient conductor of heat.  Without sufficient ventilation, this means that heat can become trapped near the projector resulting in overheating.  Aluminium is a much better conductor of heat than steel and is also strong and durable.  This can be a better choice to help prevent your projector equipment from overheating.

    Frame Finish

    If you are buying a aluminium projector mount check that it has a protective finish.  Even though aluminium is resistant to corrosion it is not invincible and will last much longer if it has been finished with a paint or powder coating.


    When you mount your projector, you do need to take care that you balance the equipment carefully so that no single area is receiving any unnecessary pressure.  Plastic casings can crack over time if they are mounted incorrectly and cables can pull free and get damaged if they are placed in stress situations.

    Cable Management

    If you are mounting your projector unit at ceiling height then you should be able to easily route cables in a discreet way around the top of the room or through the ceiling itself.  Some companies also offer cable management mounts which provide holes and clips. These allow you to organize wires more effectively, but you must take care these cable management systems are compatible with your equipment.  If you have to force cables into holes or clips it can cause them to bend and become damaged. can supply the widest range of products for ICT management hardware, with projector mounts allowing your projectors to be stored and used safely and at a low cost to your business.

    A guide to Interactive Large format display applications

    Over recent months Loxit’s LFD mobile trolleys have been used for various solutions and many applications and we thought we would use our blog to share some of those with you. Our reseller partners provide solutions to verticals including the MOD, Healthcare, Education and through these partnerships our products meet their individual needs.



    • Digitally capture and share, analyse, brainstorm, solve problems and document/distribute the results of collaborative sessions.
    • Engaging way to keep meetings and collaboration sessions on task.

    Telepresence/Video conferencing

    • Supports corporate communications wherever your employees may be.
    • Enhances relationships with Suppliers, partners and customers.
    • Make better use of meeting and boardrooms, creating more valuable interactions.
    • Reduce travel and associated costs


    Battlefield/combat management

    • Helps provide real time situational awareness information
    • Enhances access to tactical data and command messages.
    • Aids soldiers at combat level to control and manage their environment.
    • Enhances operational efficiencies through multi departmental communications.


    • Experience and learn from high-risk situations from the safety of a controlled environment.
    • Real time manipulation of tactical data.
    • Reduce travel and associated costs (Mobile solutions)

    Medical services (See Healthcare below)


    Ward/Bed management

    • Patient centric workflow in healthcare incorporating digital imaging and electronic medical records (EMR)
    • Patient Management Systems help ward staff manage patient traffic and bed allocation within a hospital.
    • By making the daily process of patient and bed management easier, this improves staff efficiency by saving valuable time.
    • Some A&E Patient Monitoring Systems can be based on systems which allows staff to track patients in real-time as they are moved around the hospital


    • Eliminates distance barriers and can improve access to medical services.
    • Supports the transmission of medical, imaging and heath informatics data from one site to another
    • Clinician interactive Telemedicine services are less costly than an in-person clinical visit.
    • Telemedicine can be used as a teaching tool, by which experienced medical staff can observe, show and instruct medical staff in another location, more effective or faster examination techniques.

    Digital Image Diagnostics in both theatre and Lab environments

    • Image acquisition is much faster, and of higher quality while eliminating costs associated to errors in more traditional methods
    • Images can be enhanced digitally to aid interpretation.
    • Images can be stored on disk or transmitted for off-site review

    Education – There’s no better way to learn than to discover for your self

    • Brings a whole new dimension to engaging content.
    • High contrast displays ensure children no longer struggle to view the content
    • Enhances the teaching and learning environment.
    • Lower total cost of ownership when compared to other interactive technologies.
    • Supports inclusive learning and special educational needs.

    Retail and Leisure and public spaces

    • Explore the values of merchandise
    • Supports a customers educated decision with real time information
    • Benefit from e-commerce tools in a physical retail environment tracking hits and adjusting marketing accordingly.
    • Customers out side the shop can directly interact with merchandise inside through use of associated technologies.
    • Leverage an existing style of a shop creating an immersive experience.
    Blue Light/Emergency services
    • Incident command solutions provide real time data, aiding swift tactical decisions.
    • Improve response operations of all types and complexities.
    • Enhances the five major functional areas: Command, Operations, Planning, Logistics, and Finance/Administration
    • Practice scene management and incident command procedures in a controlled environment.
    • Experience and learn from high-risk situations from the safety of a controlled environment.