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Loxit attending 2024 LTSMG Conference

We are looking forward to joining the members and sponsors at the 2024 LTSMG Conference at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford,
London on 24-26 April.

Both Sharon and John are looking forward to catching up with industry colleagues, partners and clients during the conference.

On the stand at LTSMG

Control Media Lecterns

When space is a premium, security a must and AV connectivity paramount, the Control  Media Cabinet is the solution.

Available in 3 sizes – 700, 900 and 1200mm working areas.

Hive Collaboration desks

These desks are all about bringing everyone together – those in the room and elsewhere.

Available in 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10 person configurations with further bespoke options.

Hi-Lo® MonoScreen Mounts

Sleek minimalist design that delivers an easily accessible on-screen experience.

Available as a wall mount, wall to floor mount, freestanding mount and mobile trolley. We also offer a slimline fixed position version.

Hi-Lo® Spotlight Podium Lectern

When you’re centre stage, the Spotlightis there to ensure everything is to hand – you are fully connected to all of the AV within the room.

Available as either a fixed position or mobile solution. With 250mm of electric height adjustment.

Listening and learning

We’re looking forward to the conference, spending time with other people from the Learning and Teaching Spaces Managers Group. There’s always something new to learn, this inspiring event is a great place to explore how technology, both AV and IT are being integrated into Higher Education, Media and beyond.

The Hive of activity – professional video conferencing and group working

Hive Huddle and Collaboration desks

Hive desks provide simple, convenient work and meeting spaces with a host of options to suit your style.

Integrated power and charging of devices

Scale, accommodating from 3 to 10 people

Integrated screen with AV connections

Which Hive Desk is right for you?

Hive™ Collaboration

Group working and presentation spaces

Screen mount with AV connectivity

Laptop and mobile device charging options

Hive™ Huddle

Modern workspaces

Individual or group working

Laptop and mobile device charging options

Reinvent your working space

Transform the working environment with space-saving equipment designed with audio and video in mind to get the most from your team and create an environment that encourages collaboration.

Whether you’re a business or an educator, AV furniture helps you make the most out of your environment, giving you the tools to keep your audience engaged and inspired.