Fulfil all your project needs with bespoke solutions from Loxit

Did you know Loxit is able to offer bespoke versions of all of its products, including its mounts, accessories and furniture offerings. As the UK-based company designs and manufactures all its own products, it is possible to tailor items to any specific requirements a customer may have. This could be to adapt a product to its environment, to blend in aesthetically, or to ensure it integrates with other technology being installed. This flexibility will be hugely advantageous to customers, enabling them to request products specific to the environment in which they’re working.

John Whittle, Director at Loxit, said: “We understand that clients can have very precise requirements when it comes to their projects. That being the case we are always happy to discuss individual needs and deliver bespoke solutions designed specifically for a given environment. Whether that’s a uniquely configured desk or a mount that needs to blend in with an existing environment, we will always work with the customer to create a product that does exactly the job required.”

To find out more about Loxit’s bespoke service, contact us direct t: +44 (0)845 519 5191 or email sales [at] loxit[.] com