Loxit showcases secure tablet and laptop storage solutions at BETT and ISE 2020

Joining a full range of AV furniture and mounting solutions this year at BETT and ISE, will be the Lapbank® TL laptop trolley and the iBank® family of sync and charge devices.


Lapbank® TL is the only top loading laptop trolley, offering easier access and better ergonomics than other products on the market. Capable of holding up to 20 15.6in laptops, Lapbank® TL is a durable yet lightweight charging trolley that features soft start, surge protection, mains conditioner and an anti-backwash device for ultra-safe charging.


It uses the original laptop chargers, if a device is replaced or upgraded, the chargers can be swapped for the new model, there are no call out charges or on-going maintenance costs or warranty issues associated with swapping laptops using managed charging systems.


When it comes to securely charging tablets, Loxit’s iBank® range can accommodate between 8 and 60 devices, offering sync and charge services or just charging. Ergonomic compartments hold any tablet up to 270mm high, 300mm deep with cases up to 28mm thick, meaning different devices can be stored and charged in the same unit.

ChargeConnect 10 profiles each individual device plugged in and delivers the correct rate of charge for each, including iPad, iPad mini, Galaxy Tab, Surface, Toughbook, Nexus, Kindle, Nook, e-Readers – any USB chargeable device.

Completing the line-up of sync and charge devices is the Tabinet® family. Able to accommodate up to 20 tablets in a desk or wall mounted footprint, it’s ideal for corporate or education environments where tablets need to be stored and charged via universal USB and where aesthetics is important.

In those areas where space is particularly limited, the Tabinet® 10 Slimline wall mounted storage and charging cabinet has a depth of just 220mm and an overall height of 890mm. This has proved a particularly popular solution in medical environments where tablets need to be stored and charged in busy locations where space is at a premium.



ISE Stand: 11-F160

BETT Stand SJ32