Secure laptops and flat screen monitors with Loxit Slotlox

Developed by Loxit, Slotlox is a simple, flexible and versatile security device which locks into the universal security slot of a laptop or flat screen monitor. It is designed to be used in an office or on the move, particularly where opportunist theft may be a problem.

The Slotlox kit includes 1 x Slotlox widget, 1 x 1.5m loop to loop cable and 1 x keyed to differ brass padlock. It can be used to secure items via the standard security slot found on most laptops and monitors to building fabric/furniture with one cable and padlock, and can be daisy chained to secure multiple items.

It is possible to purchase additional Slotlox widgets to add to the cable and lock, thus diluting the cost of security per item.

As with all Loxit products, Slotlox is highly engineered and is a durable and well-constructed solution. It is designed for ease of use and simple installation and can be used to complement existing security.

For more information on Slotlox please contact a member of staff on +44 (0)845 519 5191 or via our contact form here.