The importance of choosing the right mount

When undergoing an AV fitout it can be easy to overlook elements such as mounts and accessories, which don’t have an obvious impact on the look, feel or performance of a room.

However, getting the basics right in this area can in fact have a major effect on both design and usability, not to mention safety.

A comfortable viewing experience is crucial in many environments such as corporates and educational institutions. Often a large amount of money is invested in visual technology such as displays and interactive touchpanels. Without the correct mount to support these screens, however, they can become much less effective tools.

Take an interactive panel in an education environment, for example. It is essential that such a tool is securely installed, is robust enough to handle multiple people touching and swiping, and caters for students of various heights and abilities. In this situation, sturdy height adjustable mounts are a good choice. Mobile solutions can also be effective, especially if budgets are limited, as this means one screen and mount can serve a number of teaching spaces.

In the corporate environment, a key consideration may be the impact that a mount has aesthetically. If a meeting room has been designed to be sleek and minimalist, a bulky mount will spoil this, so opt for a less obtrusive option. Loxit’s new Mono Slimline has been designed for just such a scenario. Awarded Best of Show at ISE 2019 by Installation magazine, the single column fixed height wall mount is just 125mm deep front to back, while power and data trunking allows the screen power and all peripheral cabling to be neatly and securely channelled within the central column, completely hidden from view.

When it comes to display technologies, video walls are becoming more prevalent in a number of environments, particularly public spaces such as shopping centres or lobby areas. These may have slightly different requirements compared with private spaces. As they are often used to highlight a product or brand, it is important that video walls are reliable and, should there be any technical issues, they can be resolved quickly as this may be the first point of contact the brand has with a customer or potential customer. Again, the mounting solution could play a role here. For example, the Pop-It Video Wall Screen Mount makes it easy to install, maintain and use video walls of any size or configuration thanks to its ‘pop’ in and pop out functionality. Should the video wall require maintenance, Pop-It gently springs out to allow maintenance when pushed. Once maintenance is complete, it’s simply a case of gently pushing the screen back into position until the mount catch clicks into place – quick, easy and budget-friendly.

Whatever the scenario it’s important to consider how your displays are going to be used and pick a solution that will meet your needs, while also offering longevity, reliability and meeting your design requirements. So, for example, while electric mounts represent a higher initial outlay, the additional functionality they offer and the fact that they are future proofed for any weight screen compared with spring loaded units which are only suitable for specific weight ranges, means they represent a better ROI. There will be no need to de-install and re-install new mounts as screen sizes get bigger if you opt for electric, representing a significant cost and time saving in the medium and longer term.

Loxit has more than 20 years of experience designing and installing mounts into a number of different environments. We can also create bespoke solutions should you have specific requirements. Contact us today to find out more.