Why choose Loxit furniture

As a company, Loxit prides itself on creating robust, reliable and useful products that improve the lives of users, and our AV furniture range is no exception. In addition to our UK manufacturing, extensive warranty and excellent customer service, there are a number of reasons why Loxit should be your first choice when investing in the desks, lecterns and collaborative workspaces that your university, office, healthcare facility or any other location, needs.

Inclusive for all

Whether in the workplace or learning environment, it is crucial that everyone is comfortable, safe and able to fully take part in activities. With this in mind, Loxit has spent a great deal of time creating furniture solutions that are suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Our versatile Hi-Loâ Workspace, for example, ensures that anyone sitting at that workstation can achieve comfort and the best possible seating position at the touch of a button, improving productivity and reducing fatigue. In a teaching environment, this can mean desks can be used by people of all ages and heights without some having to maintain uncomfortable positions and without having to invest in multiple different desks.

Similarly, the electrically height adjustable Hi-Loâ Spotlight lectern makes it easy for users to present at a height that’s comfortable for them.

Centred on connectivity

No matter the furniture choice you make, connectivity and ensuring people are able to use and manage their devices is central to the products we create. Take our HiveTM desk, for example, which has an integrated AV input panel featuring 2x HDMI, RJ45, USB, VGA and 3.5mm stereo jack for absolute convenience. It can be integrated into an AV environment and even offers optional laptop and mobile device charging. Or the Command desk, which is completely connected to all your AV equipment via industry-standard 12U racking and a faceplate that features RGB, HDMI, USB and CAT5, so everything you need is at your finger tips. This ease of use is what makes Loxit stand out – we understand the frustration that comes from not being able to work effectively as the multiple devices we now use on a daily basis aren’t accommodated for, and we’ve eliminated that inefficiency.

Customisation as standard

While we know our furniture offers a wide range of options, we also understand that you may want something unique, and as we design and manufacture our products in the UK, we are able to offer a bespoke service and work with you to design a solution that truly meets your needs. It is also now possible to configure HiveTM and Hi-Lo® Workspaces to your exact requirements thanks to the new online product configurator.

Build and specify your solution in minutes online

All Loxit furniture products can now be explored, developed and specified within the on-site configuration tool. This simple-to-use tool lets you choose a number of options covering, size, shape, colour, connectivity options and optional extras. Once you’ve designed your custom workspace you can log in to see prices and order. And don’t forget we’re always on hand if you have any bespoke requirements.

Working towards wellness

Workplace wellness has been a hot topic in recent years with growing evidence that a healthy, happy workforce is more productive and more fulfilled, leading to higher staff retention rates. Thorough wellness programmes are becoming increasingly common across businesses and a key issue to tackle here is the amount of time people spend sitting at desks. With that in mind, we’ve spent a great deal of time engineering furniture that promotes postural variety and encourages recognised best practice – varying your postures between sitting and standing. The Hi-Loâ Workspace offers 580mm of vertical height adjustment and a working height of from 655-1225mm allowing everyone to achieve the ideal working position and posture. Unlike many companies, we also manufacture to order so you can be sure of the perfect height adjustable desking solution for your environment.

To find out more about our extensive AV furniture options visit our Furniture range here. Alternatively contact a member of the loxit team on +44 (0)845 519 5191