Choosing the right Projector mount

You are investing in an expensive projector system and it’s important for you to consider the issue of mounting this equipment carefully. The mount will impact on the effectiveness of the projector and also its security and safety.  There are a number of different types of mounts available and you will need to select the right mount for your equipment and projection requirements.


When you are mounting your projector it is important to consider ventilation.  Projector equipment can give off a lot of heat and this is the reason they have integral cooling fans. However if you mount your projector system in a confined area then the cooling fan will no longer be sufficient and your equipment can overheat.  Projectors can be expensive to repair so you do need to choose the right mount and positioning for your equipment.


You will need to carefully check the design of your mount.  If brackets or parts are blocking the fan outlet you could overheat your projector even when you have taken care to mount it in a well ventilated area.  Mounts with large flat plate designs can trap heat close to the projector.  Frame and lattice designs allow the heat to dissipate more effectively.

Frame Material

Steel mounts are strong and durable but this metal is not an efficient conductor of heat.  Without sufficient ventilation, this means that heat can become trapped near the projector resulting in overheating.  Aluminium is a much better conductor of heat than steel and is also strong and durable.  This can be a better choice to help prevent your projector equipment from overheating.

Frame Finish

If you are buying a aluminium projector mount check that it has a protective finish.  Even though aluminium is resistant to corrosion it is not invincible and will last much longer if it has been finished with a paint or powder coating.


When you mount your projector, you do need to take care that you balance the equipment carefully so that no single area is receiving any unnecessary pressure.  Plastic casings can crack over time if they are mounted incorrectly and cables can pull free and get damaged if they are placed in stress situations.

Cable Management

If you are mounting your projector unit at ceiling height then you should be able to easily route cables in a discreet way around the top of the room or through the ceiling itself.  Some companies also offer cable management mounts which provide holes and clips. These allow you to organize wires more effectively, but you must take care these cable management systems are compatible with your equipment.  If you have to force cables into holes or clips it can cause them to bend and become damaged. can supply the widest range of products for ICT management hardware, with projector mounts allowing your projectors to be stored and used safely and at a low cost to your business.