A guide to Interactive Large format display applications

Over recent months Loxit’s LFD mobile trolleys have been used for various solutions and many applications and we thought we would use our blog to share some of those with you. Our reseller partners provide solutions to verticals including the MOD, Healthcare, Education and through these partnerships our products meet their individual needs.



  • Digitally capture and share, analyse, brainstorm, solve problems and document/distribute the results of collaborative sessions.
  • Engaging way to keep meetings and collaboration sessions on task.

Telepresence/Video conferencing

  • Supports corporate communications wherever your employees may be.
  • Enhances relationships with Suppliers, partners and customers.
  • Make better use of meeting and boardrooms, creating more valuable interactions.
  • Reduce travel and associated costs


Battlefield/combat management

  • Helps provide real time situational awareness information
  • Enhances access to tactical data and command messages.
  • Aids soldiers at combat level to control and manage their environment.
  • Enhances operational efficiencies through multi departmental communications.


  • Experience and learn from high-risk situations from the safety of a controlled environment.
  • Real time manipulation of tactical data.
  • Reduce travel and associated costs (Mobile solutions)

Medical services (See Healthcare below)


Ward/Bed management

  • Patient centric workflow in healthcare incorporating digital imaging and electronic medical records (EMR)
  • Patient Management Systems help ward staff manage patient traffic and bed allocation within a hospital.
  • By making the daily process of patient and bed management easier, this improves staff efficiency by saving valuable time.
  • Some A&E Patient Monitoring Systems can be based on systems which allows staff to track patients in real-time as they are moved around the hospital


  • Eliminates distance barriers and can improve access to medical services.
  • Supports the transmission of medical, imaging and heath informatics data from one site to another
  • Clinician interactive Telemedicine services are less costly than an in-person clinical visit.
  • Telemedicine can be used as a teaching tool, by which experienced medical staff can observe, show and instruct medical staff in another location, more effective or faster examination techniques.

Digital Image Diagnostics in both theatre and Lab environments

  • Image acquisition is much faster, and of higher quality while eliminating costs associated to errors in more traditional methods
  • Images can be enhanced digitally to aid interpretation.
  • Images can be stored on disk or transmitted for off-site review

Education – There’s no better way to learn than to discover for your self

  • Brings a whole new dimension to engaging content.
  • High contrast displays ensure children no longer struggle to view the content
  • Enhances the teaching and learning environment.
  • Lower total cost of ownership when compared to other interactive technologies.
  • Supports inclusive learning and special educational needs.

Retail and Leisure and public spaces

  • Explore the values of merchandise
  • Supports a customers educated decision with real time information
  • Benefit from e-commerce tools in a physical retail environment tracking hits and adjusting marketing accordingly.
  • Customers out side the shop can directly interact with merchandise inside through use of associated technologies.
  • Leverage an existing style of a shop creating an immersive experience.
Blue Light/Emergency services
  • Incident command solutions provide real time data, aiding swift tactical decisions.
  • Improve response operations of all types and complexities.
  • Enhances the five major functional areas: Command, Operations, Planning, Logistics, and Finance/Administration
  • Practice scene management and incident command procedures in a controlled environment.
  • Experience and learn from high-risk situations from the safety of a controlled environment.