iPad Shortcuts and Tips

  • Apple released their first iPad in 2010 and since then they have sold more than 67 million units of the first, second and third generation models. What makes owning an iPad more favourable than owning a laptop computer? They are much easier to transport making them the ideal device for those who are always on the go, and there are a number of shortcuts that can help make life easier:
  • Typing Shortcuts – There are a variety of typing shortcuts designed to make things easier while typing a document:

    • Automatic spelling corrector function – there’s no need to type apostrophes, eg type ‘wont’ and it will auto-correct to ‘won’t’ etc.
    • At the end of a sentence simply tap space bar twice and the iPad will automatically input a full stop, space, and start the next word with a capital letter.
    • To place an accent above a letter simply tap and hold the letter on the keyboard then select the accent.
    • Instead of flicking from alpha to numerical keyboard to add punctuation just press and hold the ‘123’ key, and without lifting your finger off the screen slide over to the key you want and let go. Your punctuation will be inserted and the keyboard will revert back to alpha.
    • If you can’t find the right shortcut that you need, iPad lets you create your own shortcut via the settings menu under keyboard settings.

    Open Safari links in a new page – Rather than just tapping a link, press and hold it then select ‘open in new page’. There’s an icon at the top of the browser that looks like 2 boxes overlapping, pressing this icon will show you all of the pages that are currently open and give you the option to close them.

    Mute the volume quickly – The iPad doesn’t actually have a mute option, but by pressing and holding the ‘volume down’ button you can drop the volume down to zero in 2 seconds.

    Tap a word to look up the definition – When reading an article on the web, if you come across a word and you’re unsure of the meaning, just tap and hold the word until a magnifying glass pops up, lift your finger and a menu will pop up giving you the option to copy to clipboard or define the text.

    Put extra apps on the dock – The iPad dock has 4 apps as standard, but you can actually fit 6 there. To do this simply press and hold the app you want until it wiggles, then drag and drop it onto the dock to make sure your most used apps are easily accessible.

    Download the iPad User Guide – The official iPad User Guide is available as a free eBook in the app store. With 153 pages packed full of useful tips and help to get the best out of your iPad.